KDevelop 5.0.0 Beta 1 available!

Hello all,

displaying size meta data of classes and members in KDevelop thanks to Clang

I’m very glad to finally announce the first beta of KDevelop 5.0.0, based on Qt 5, KF 5 and Clang:

Like I’ve said previously, I’m very thankful of the tons of contributors that made this step possible. From the early testers, over the many new KDevelop contributors who helped a lot in porting our code base to Qt 5 and KF5, to the people that worked on improving kdev-clang and all the other areas. It’s a great feeling to finally release this beast. A year ago, just after we started in this process, I still wasn’t too sure we can pull it all off. Now, look where we are :) “Just” a few more weeks of polishing and I’m positively sure KDevelop 5.0.0 will be a really good milestone.

That said, I also want to express my thanks towards the KDE e.V. which graciously sponsored our recent KDevelop/Kate sprint in Berlin. We rented a flat for the 8 hackers that visited Berlin and had a productive five days directly after the Qt World Summit. Personally, I worked on kdev-clang and polished it a bit more in the preparation of the first beta release. One handy feature I added is the display of size information about classes and member variables, displayed in the image to the right.

If you want to give back to the KDevelop community, please consider a donation to the KDE e.v., which is used for our yearly developer sprints and the Akademy conference.


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Comment by Anonymous (2016-11-25 14:22:00)

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Comment by Anonymous (2016-01-10 05:06:00)

is there any plan to implement a gui based vcs like eclipse or is it always going to be the useless text based one we have currently? (i use kdevelop as my daily driver, but i always have to go to eclipse for anything vcs)

Comment by Anonymous (2016-01-10 15:17:00)

There’s GUI for most VCS related actions, so I don’t understand what your problem is. Care to extend your comment to be more explicit? What exactly do you try to do and it doesn’t work in KDevelop? What is text based?

Comment by Anonymous (2016-01-10 17:17:00)

i thought that my comment was self explanatory, but here is an explanation: if i right click on an item in my project and say ‘compare with head’ a gui based system would put the two side by side and red highlight would say ‘this line was removed’, green highlight would say ‘this line was added’ (in the simplest form). more complicated things would be the ability to copy changes from the compare to current. an example of this would be you accidentally created an extra line that you dont want to show up in the vcs, you can hit a button and it will basically make the line identical to the one currently in vcs etc. eclipse git stuff also has nice branch graphs and the ability to compare any two files in history or other branches. it is infinitely nicer than kdevelop’s vcs support.

Comment by Anonymous (2016-01-10 17:19:00)

in kdevelop if i right click on an item and do a diff, it will literally just output the same as command line output for diff into a screen. if i wanted to use command line for diff, i would just use command line.

Comment by Anonymous (2016-01-11 11:52:00)

We have plans to revive the Kompare integration with KDevelop (so you can start Kompare via KDevelop opening the diff files for you).

Nothing emerged yet, we’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for the hint, you made us look into that again!


Comment by Anonymous (2016-01-11 17:37:00)

thanks! i will make sure to start contributing once i update my system to 16.04 so that i can actually compile the new source. i took a look at the source code a while back, it is just pretty hard to get started on the features i can think of, but i can definitely do bugfixes.

Comment by Anonymous (2015-11-01 10:15:00)

I use KDevelop mainly for developing PHP and Python. Does KDevelop 5 already come with support for those languages or do I have to wait a bit longer to start testing?

Comment by Anonymous (2015-11-01 15:58:00)

Both plugins are available, just like they have been in KDevelop 4. But for Python note that only the Python 3 version of the language is supported.

Comment by Anonymous (2015-10-28 20:52:00)

Is there a way to help get KDevelop more stable? It’s one of my favorite IDEs but it just crashes too often for me - tried it 6 years ago, recently retried with a colleague who uses it a lot and I got it to crash 5 times in a day.

Comment by Milian Wolff (2015-10-29 12:06:00)

Yes, of course: test it, report bugs, and even better yet: look at the sources and fix it :)

Comment by Anonymous (2015-10-28 17:10:00)

Is it available for windows?

Comment by Milian Wolff (2015-10-29 12:21:00)

Yes! But it is very experimental still. See the comments of < windows> for more.

Comment by Anonymous (2015-10-27 20:23:00)

yay ! I had been looking towards that. Question: what is the status with svn integration? Is it as good as for kdevelop4?

Comment by Milian Wolff (2015-10-28 11:26:00)

Not much changed in that regard - it should be at least as good as in KDevelop 4.

Published on October 28, 2015.