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KDevelop 5.0 Beta 2 and 4.7.3 Releases! (February 01, 2016)

Hey all!

I have the pleasure to announce the releases of two new KDevelop versions:

On one hand, there is the new and shiny KDevelop 5.0 Beta 2 release, which brings us much closer to a final release. Tons of issues have been resolved, many features got polished, and even our UI cleaned up a bit here and there. And did I mention impoved OS X and Windows support? See here for more:

Besides this new beta release, which is where most of our effort went into, I am also happy to announce KDevelop 4.7.3, a new bugfix release of our latest stable KDE 4 based KDevelop. Several annoying problems are resolved now, see the announcement for more information:

Many thanks to everyone involved!


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KDevelop 5.0.0 Beta 1 available! (October 28, 2015)

Hello all,

displaying size meta data of classes and members in KDevelop thanks to Clang

I’m very glad to finally announce the first beta of KDevelop 5.0.0, based on Qt 5, KF 5 and Clang:

Like I’ve said previously, I’m very thankful of the tons of contributors that made this step possible. From the early testers, over the many new KDevelop contributors who helped a lot in porting our code base to Qt 5 and KF5, to the people that worked on improving kdev-clang and all the other areas. It’s a great feeling to finally release this beast. A year ago, just after we started in this process, I still wasn’t too sure we can pull it all off. Now, look where we are :) “Just” a few more weeks of polishing and I’m positively sure KDevelop 5.0.0 will be a really good milestone.

That said, I also want to express my thanks towards the KDE e.V. which graciously sponsored our recent KDevelop/Kate sprint in Berlin. We rented a flat for the 8 hackers that visited Berlin and had a productive five days directly after the Qt World Summit. Personally, I worked on kdev-clang and polished it a bit more in the preparation of the first beta release. One handy feature I added is the display of size information about classes and member variables, displayed in the image to the right.

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KDevelop 4.7.0 Beta 1 Released (July 04, 2014)

Hey all,

just a quick announcement: KDevelop 4.7.0 Beta 1 was released! Head over to the announcement on the KDevelop website to read more:

Cheers, see you soon with a KDevelop 4.7.0 stable release :)

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Massif-Visualizer 0.4 Beta 1 and KGraphViewer 2.2 Beta 1 Released! (June 25, 2014)

Hey all,

I’m happy to announce the availability of two new betas: Massif-Visualizer 0.4 Beta 1 and KGraphViewer 2.2 Beta 1!


If you want to test this release, you can download the tarballs from the KDE mirrors:

Download Massif-Visualizer 0.4 Beta 1

    md5 sum: 2953089078bd2170ad9d2d583c7c8b95  massif-visualizer-0.3.90.tar.xz
    sha1 sum: 6d76134b1b41b887ba595a0585f941d22e066b76  massif-visualizer-0.3.90.tar.xz
    sha256 sum: 9940fa90137ca5eef08b9ec220825fadbf03db423a670a2c7fe3edab271d9922  massif-visualizer-0.3.90.tar.xz

Download KGraphViewer 2.2 Beta 1

    md5 sum: b3a18cbaf661d1cf186b3a3674c31186  kgraphviewer-2.1.90.tar.xz
    sha1 sum: 4f0cb86f01eb9725191a79291cbd75061682ca69  kgraphviewer-2.1.90.tar.xz
    sha256 sum: 1ae74c1a51e252e88afb7a3d7864fc1bc6326c191ad36c89cc7fab7e8a96f08f  kgraphviewer-2.1.90.tar.xz

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KDevelop 4.6 Beta 1 Available (November 13, 2013)

Hey all,

I just announced KDevelop 4.6 Beta 1 on the KDevelop website. Go read the announcement and test the hell out of this release :) I’m pretty confident that its already a very solid release though!

Cheers, happy hacking!

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KDevelop 4.4.0 Beta 1 Released (August 15, 2012)

Hey all!

After quite some slacking on my side, I’ve finally managed to drop the good news: KDevelop 4.4.0 Beta 1 is released!

Our 4.4 branch already contains some more interesting changes for the next beta, stay tuned. Oh and yeah, we’ll try to release 4.4.0 final sometime in September, I hope.


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KDevelop 4.3.0 RC 1 Released (February 25, 2012)

Hey all!

Please help us test KDevelop 4.3 RC1! Grab it while it’s hot:

This release comes with some more bug fixes and better support for some C++11 language features.


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KDevelop 4.3.0 Beta 2 Released (February 15, 2012)

Hey all!

I’ve just posted the news on the KDevelop website: KDevelop 4.3.0 Beta 2 is released!

Please test it and report feedback as usual. I think it’s safe to assume that we will release 4.3.0 final in about 2-4 weeks from now.

Considering that my university semester is nearing its end, I will finally have more royal hacking time again! I’ll continue to squash bugs and improve the performance of KDevelop of course :) Most definitely I’ll try to further improve the C++11 support. But maybe I finally have some time again to work on “something bigger”, like helping Miha Čančula in writing a kick-ass unit-test integration for KDevelop (see unittest branches). Then I plan to finally release some more of our “playground” plugins, most notably CSS language support and QMake project management…

Stay tuned for a bright KDevelop future :]

PS: I’ll step up as a mentor for a KDevelop GSOC this year, yet I’m still wondering about a proper topic… Ideas?

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KDevelop 4.2 RC1 released (January 15, 2011)

Good news everyone, part 2 for today:

I’m happy to announce the immediate availability of KDevelop 4.2 RC1. This is a pure bug fix release over the last beta in the 4.2 branch. Anyone using the 4.2 branch is urged to upgrade to this new version as soon as possible. Furthermore any new testers are welcome and feedback appreciated. Report it on the bugtracker on Keep in mind that if you are using KDE 4.6 or higher, you need this release, as 4.1 only works up to KDE 4.5. If all goes according to plan, there will be another RC soon and a final release together with KDE 4.6.


You can grab the source tarballs at the usual location:

Packagers will hopefully update the testing repositories of their distribution.


    ChangeLog for KDevPlatform v1.1.90
    * Milian Wolff: fix compilation for some compilers
    * David Nolden: backport from master: Don't care about navigation tooltips when a context-browser view is visible, the view will handle this alone
    * David Nolden: backport from master: regression fixes to context browser plugin refactor
    * David Nolden: backport from master: Clear the file-modification cache instantly when the user has saved the file in the editor.
    * David Nolden: backport from master: Don't completely ignore the retrieved top-context if it is still flagged to require an update. Instead, simply show a warning message on the status bar. (TODO: Find out why the update flag is not correct)
    * David Nolden: backport from master: Exclude the "." when extracting the extension
    * David Nolden: backport from master:
    * Nicolás Alvarez: Move qHash of {Cursor,Range}InRevision into the KDevelop NS too.
    * Nicolás Alvarez: Move qHash overload for SimpleRange and SimpleCursor into the KDevelop NS.
    * Milian Wolff: make sure we generate colors in the ctor (undelayed)
    * Milian Wolff: Introduce a fallback cache based on the file extension for LanguageController::languagesForUrl
    * Milian Wolff: use full canonical file path for urls in duchainify, required for isLocalFile checks to succeed
    * Milian Wolff: append _STATIC to macros in appendedlist_static.h to prevent clash with appendedlist.h, should fix compilation in KDE4_ENABLE_FINAL=ON mode
    * Dmitry Risenberg: Do not mess with other active working sets when calling for a review. BUG: 260663
    * Milian Wolff: properly emitResult when internal SVN job failed, prevents indefinite wait in isVersionControlled on invalid URLS
    * Nicolás Alvarez: Simplify code in DUContextDynamicData assertion.
    ChangeLog for KDevelop v4.1.90
    * Dmitry Risenberg: Fix duplicate brackets insertion when executing completion for a function.
    * Nicolás Alvarez: CMakeDUChainTest: store ranges in QSet instead of std::set.
    * Milian Wolff: minor: fix style/indentation
    * Floris Ruijter: fixes the cmakeduchaintest: a list of uses is checked too see if they're all there, that's a set operation, the test failed, because the lists where in the `wrong' order
    * Floris Ruijter: this test contains a c++ error, it isn't too bad(the test passes with it), but it's probably not meant
    * Floris Ruijter: Fix token-names for GeneratorTest
    * Aleix Pol: Don't look for kdevelop in gitorious anymore.
    * Nicolás Alvarez: Ignore the 'build' directory.
    * Aleix Pol: Don't add to the tree unexisting directories.
    ChangeLog for KDevelop PHP v1.1.90
    * Milian Wolff: Allow null as type for class constants.

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KDevelop 4.2 Beta 2 available (January 01, 2011)

Good news everyone!

I’m happy to announce the immediate availability of KDevelop 4.2 Beta 2. This is a bugfix release over the first beta release two weeks ago. Every tester is urged to update, any updated feedback and bug reports are highly appreciated.

To download it:

Changes in KDevelop 4.2 Beta 2 since Beta 1

Highlights besides the usual bugfixes are probably the polished plugin configuration dialog as well as some performance improvements for huge projects.

    ChangeLog for kdevplatform v1.1.81
    * Milian Wolff: set version to 1.1.81 for beta2
    * Milian Wolff: don't assert when a plugin gets updated from ProviderProvider to Provider or vice versa and the user forgot to rerun kbuildsycoca4
    * Milian Wolff: --debug
    * Milian Wolff: kill running import jobs for removed folders
    * Milian Wolff: make sure we compare dir urls with trialing slash
    * Milian Wolff: make sure we don't think a project is still being opened when it's import was canceled
    * Milian Wolff: remove dead code
    * Milian Wolff: move toolbutton to configure environment into it's own (reusable) class
    * Milian Wolff: fix: properly update outline on document change, was missing connect to signal from document controller
    * Dmitry Risenberg: Check for unloaded version control plugin in ProjectPrivate.
    * Dmitry Risenberg: Check for unloaded version control plugin in ProjectPrivate.
    * Milian Wolff: reintroduce the cleanup of 986ec7bb18211a7789e28c48fdc750668ae9b1d5 (no addViewSilently, no window->setArea in working set loadToArea), but fix the problem described in 2f586e506ac59153b0b95e008acc88cea490e7d3 (restoring of split views)
    * Nicolás Alvarez: DumpChain: avoid double quotes around indentation in debug messages.
    * Milian Wolff: hide non-project kcms from project config (e.g. php documentation)
    * Milian Wolff: properly sort kcms in settings dialog: language support user interface projects background parser source formatter environment plugins
    * Milian Wolff: also blacklist disabled plugins, if we now add the plugin to the X-KDE-ParentComponents of a kcm, it won't get loaded
    * Milian Wolff: mark generic project manager as project category, required for settings blacklisting
    * Dmitry Risenberg: Properly update Container's current widget when splitting views. BUG: 259908
    * Milian Wolff: document X-KDE-PluginInfo-Category
    * Milian Wolff: proper about data for cvs plugin
    * Milian Wolff: sort loaded plugins by name
    * Milian Wolff: greatly improve plugin useability by categorizing them
    * Milian Wolff: backport from 1.2: safely iterate over job list where kill can delete child jobs
    * Milian Wolff: safely iterate over job list where kill can delete child jobs
    * Milian Wolff: fix session-controller unit tests
    * Dmitry Risenberg: Check that git is installed when loading Git Support plugin. CCBUG: 257650.
    * Milian Wolff: remove debug I committed accidentally
    * Milian Wolff: port background parser away from slow QPointer to faster QWeakPointer, esp. useful for big projects
    * Milian Wolff: fix compilation for qt < 4.7
    * Milian Wolff: speed up ::index(), imo we don't need the call to hasIndex here as the itemFromIndex checks that as well
    * Milian Wolff: second approach: properly implement removeRows without takeRow and speed up deletion of folders containing many items
    * Milian Wolff: Revert "optimize shutdown for big projects with lots of items in single folders"
    * Milian Wolff: optimize shutdown for big projects with lots of items in single folders
    * Milian Wolff: Refactor context browser plugin to make it useable without a toolview.
    * Milian Wolff: --debug
    * Milian Wolff: don't overdesign the API: make setText protected, assume text == baseName for most items
    * Andreas Pakulat: Make the filename corner variable size instead of fixed.
    ChangeLog for kdevelop v4.1.81
    * Milian Wolff: set version 4.1.81 for 4.2 beta2
    * Milian Wolff: fix entry list being empty for some Qt versions
    * Milian Wolff: make it possible to configure the environment from the makebuilder config kcm ui
    * Milian Wolff: add missing files
    * Milian Wolff: sort: put qthelp at end
    * Milian Wolff: --debug
    * Milian Wolff: don't load qthelp kcm if plugin is disabled
    * Milian Wolff: split KCM and Plugin of QtHelpPlugin, fixes crash when unloading the plugin and accessing the KCM
    * Milian Wolff: introduce categories
    * Milian Wolff: don't try to non-text/plain cmake files (e.g. due to problematic include)
    * Milian Wolff: update splashscreen for 4.2
    * Milian Wolff: optimize startup: don't use slow QWebElement.toPlainText(), instead use a simple QRegExp parser that is *much* faster
    * Milian Wolff: hide void-returning functions from code completion when we are inside an non-lvalue expression
    * Aleix Pol: Support as variables, variables that end with a number. This small problem made macro_optional_find_package not to work, have to be careful about that.
    * Aleix Pol: Don't propagate the URL change if the URL hasn't changed. Damn it, trailing slashes!! >.<
    * Aleix Pol: We don't need this recursive case anymore. The url change will be propagated by ProjectFolderItem itself.
    ChangeLog for php v1.1.81
    * Milian Wolff: set version to 1.1.81 for 1.2 beta 2
    * Milian Wolff: remove obsolete todo - doh
    * Milian Wolff: cleanup
    * Milian Wolff: introduce category, fix Name, remove GenericName as it's useless
    ChangeLog for php-docs v1.1.81
    * Milian Wolff: set version to 1.1.81 for 1.2 beta2
    * Milian Wolff: set proper icon, use low weight
    * Milian Wolff: don't load kcm if plugin is disabled
    * Milian Wolff: introduce category, remove GenericName as it's useless and fix user-visible Name string

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