KDevelop 4.1 Beta 2 will be omitted, stay tuned for Beta 3

Hey everyone.

I was on a spontaneous trip last week and missed the Beta 2 release. Apol took over but my instructions where not clear enough and the packages where totally screwed up (the tags pointed to code in master, no the 4.1 branch).

I’m in the process of fixing things up and will create tarballs for Beta 3 and announce it to packagers later today.

Lets hope the actual release for users out there can happen later this week.

Sorry again, bye.


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Comment by netcelli (not verified) (2010-09-21 17:20:00)

Thank you!! I will test them as soon as possible. PS: I see version 4.0.82 on kde mirror. Is it beta 3?

Comment by Milian Wolff (2010-09-21 19:51:00)

yes, that’s what should be beta 3.

Comment by Milian Wolff (2010-09-21 16:23:00)

I’ve created tarballs for beta 3, I’ll announce their availabitliy on friday.

Published on September 21, 2010.