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C++11 platform support? (November 26, 2012)

Hello all!

I’m investigating the feasibility of allowing a subset of C++11 in the KDevelop code base, starting after the branch of 4.5 in a few weeks. I do not want to blindly start going that route just to realize afterwards that I’ve alienated a large portion of our user base. Thus I’d very much welcome if you could read through this blog post and give some feedback which we can build our decision on top.

Here’s the email I sent to the KDevelop development mailing list:

Is anyone opposed to open KDevelop 4.6 for C++11? I.e. that means we continue to work as-is and provide a kick-ass KDevelop 4.5. Once we branch 4.5, we enable C++11 mode globally and start using it in master.

  • KDevelop is a free time project and it should be fun to work on it. C++11 is quite a lot of fun, if not only because it’s new. This is actually the main reason for me to go down the C++11 route. This would also allow us to learn C+11 which is a benefit for those of us who do professional work-work programming.

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KDE and Windows Shares (February 25, 2007)

If you have successfully installed Samba it should be no problem to access your Linux shares from Windows. What I couldn’t do until recently was accessing the Windows shares from Linux.

Today I came across LiSa , the Lan Information Server. It was not installed by default on my Kubuntu Edgy machine but a simple sudo aptitude install lisa was sufficient. Lisa is embedded into kcontrol, launch it and you’ll find two new tabs in Internet & Network -> Network Browser. Go to the lisa-daemon tab and launch the guided setup tour. The descriptions should be pretty much straight forward. Accept the changes, fill in your sudo password to save the lisa config file and restart lisa with sudo /etc/init.d/lisa restart.

Now launch Konqueror or Dolphin and head over to lan:/. You should see all machines in your workgroup.

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