KDE and Windows Shares

If you have successfully installed Samba it should be no problem to access your Linux shares from Windows. What I couldn’t do until recently was accessing the Windows shares from Linux.

Today I came across LiSa , the Lan Information Server. It was not installed by default on my Kubuntu Edgy machine but a simple sudo aptitude install lisa was sufficient. Lisa is embedded into kcontrol, launch it and you’ll find two new tabs in Internet & Network -> Network Browser. Go to the lisa-daemon tab and launch the guided setup tour. The descriptions should be pretty much straight forward. Accept the changes, fill in your sudo password to save the lisa config file and restart lisa with sudo /etc/init.d/lisa restart.

Now launch Konqueror or Dolphin and head over to lan:/. You should see all machines in your workgroup.


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Published on February 25, 2007.