Transparent loading of compressed Callgrind files in KCacheGrind

Hey everyone!

I just committed an (imo) insanely useful feature for KCacheGrind: Transparent loading of compressed Callgrind files. Finally one does not have to keep those Callgrind files around uncompressed, hogging up lots of space. And what is even more important: It’s much easier to share these files now, as you can send or upload them as .gz or better yet .bz2 and open them directly. KDE architecture just rocks :) So in KDE 4.5 the best profiling visualizer just got better :D

In related news: I’m spending my time as intern at KDAB currently by creating an application to visualize Massif. If you are interested, check the sources out on gitorious:

It’s still pretty limited in what it offers, yet is probably already more useful than the plain ASCII graph that ms_print generates:

Visualization of a Massif output file

This is very WIP but the visuals are somewhat working now. I plan to make the whole graph react on user input, i.e. zoomable, click to show details about snapshots, show information about the heap items that make up the stacked part of the diagram, …

Also very high on my wish list is some kind of interaction with the KCacheGrind libraries, to reuse it’s nice features like callgraphs, cost maps, etc. pp. you name it :) All these features that make KCacheGrind such an insanely useful application.

Oh and remember: Never do performance optimizations without checking the facts first ;-)


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Comment by ilanlar (not verified) (2011-01-08 20:26:00)

That’s what i want, thank you.

Comment by Gof (not verified) (2010-03-12 00:14:00)

I nice too to visualize massif output would indeed be is very nice.

There is already one small tool which I use sometimes:

Comment by Milian Wolff (2010-03-12 01:37:00)

I think I used it once and gave up very fast. It doesn’t give you much over what ms_print does…

Published on March 12, 2010.