The End Is Nigh

No I’m not a nutjob who talks about the rapture (epic fail btw.). Instead, I’m talking about my time as a bachelor student. I’ve just handed in my thesis after weeks of work on it. You might have noticed by my recent absence from KDE hacking. But rest assured. Now I’m back again :)

First of all the GSOC hack time started officially this week. I got a slot again, and am a few days behind schedule yet am confident to fetch up. I’ll be working on bringing C++0x or now C++2011 support to KDevelop. You can read my proposal online.

Secondly next week I’ll be at Randa for the KDevelop sprint (among others). I’m really looking forward to it, so many nice people to meet again — awesome!

So expect more from my side again. I’ll also start to go through the bug reports of the last weeks which I have not yet attended to. Stay tuned and welcome back :)


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Comment by Thomas McGuire (not verified) (2011-05-25 19:07:00)

Congrats, Milian! Looking forward for C++0x support, hope we’re allowed to use it in KDE once it is out properly.

Published on May 25, 2011.