Short GSOC 2010 Note

Hey all,

before I go on a short one-week vacation, I wanted to leave you a short note about the outcome of my GSOC, where I tried to revive the Quanta+ brand.

First up, I passed, many thanks to my mentor Andras Mantia. But well, it’s not like I got that for free. In a first estimation I did about 500 commits to Quanta, PHP and KDevplatform in the last three months. So I hope you all agree that I deserve the Google money :)

But lets talk about what I planned to achieve and what I actually achieved:

Anyhow, on one hand I’m personally satisfied with what I achieved code wise, esp. looking at the diffs and knowing how many iterations some of the multilang structures required. On the other hand I had hoped to achieve much more. A first alpha release of Quanta is really not visible to me in the near future.

But, and here I make a promise I do intend to keep: I won’t desert Quanta. Quite the contrary. KDevelop will probably keep my main focus, but I do intend to improve Quanta, esp. merge the multilang branches into KDevplatform for example. My intended time plan contains a note to merge multilang after the movingrange branches into KDevplatform 1.2. Lets see how that works out.

The XML plugin I will definetly continue to polish and make it work as good as possible. Even now it is helpful for more than just web developers: I personally already rely on it when working on Kate language files for example. So there is a personal desire to have it working as good as possible, even though I don’t do much/any web development these days.

Bla bla bla, enough rambling and dumping my thoughts. Lets close this up by saying: Have a nice week, cya soon, hopefully well rested and ready to kick some more code lines :)



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Comment by sunil (not verified) (2010-11-15 01:05:00)

Thanks for the work you are putting in.

Day-to-day, I use a number of tools for creating websites. Quanta has always been indispensible to me, and so I’ve always held back from updating to KDE4. I’m grateful that yourself and others are putting in hard work in order to update this excellent tool. Many thanks.

Comment by Diederik (not verified) (2010-08-22 23:13:00)

Great work on the XML completion too! Will it also auto complete kpartgui files?

I think kdevelop 4.0.1 is already awesome, and I’m looking forward to the next refinements! :)

Comment by mutlu (not verified) (2010-08-22 22:07:00)

Even if it may take quite some more time to see a working Quanta, I am very happy to read about the good progress you made. The diffs do look very impressive. And any work on KDevelop is of course very appreciated as well. Wonderful! :)

Cheers to you and everyone doing work on the K Dev platform and applications!

Published on August 22, 2010.