PHP and PHP-Docs plugins now up for review (meaning: SVN location moved!)

Hey all!

Just a quick note: Niko and me moved PHP & PHP-Docs to kdereview, we hope to move both plugins to extragear/sdk/kdevelop-plugins. So, if I understood things correctly, after a two week period the plugins will get moved there (well, if we pass the review, but I think we can do that).

So for anybody that uses the plugins from SVN, you’ll have to relocate. The new addresses are:

See you in two weeks :)


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Comment by Milian Wolff (2009-12-18 03:28:00)

Sure, any help is appreciated, and imo there is enough to do. Just drop by in #kdevelop and ask nsams or me for stuff to do. Or better yet: Pick something that is not working properly for you and fix it. Than send us a patch ;-)

For questions, #kdevelop on freenode or the KDevelop-Developer mailing list.

Comment by eMerzh (not verified) (2009-12-18 00:35:00)

Grrreaaaat! … I can’t wait… i’ve tested it’s quite nice! some bogus here and there but is globaly ok… If you need some help here or there, i ‘d be happy to help… i havn’t done c++ / qt for years… but i can try :)

Published on December 18, 2009.