Massif Visualizer - now with user interaction

Just a quick status update: Massif Visualizer now reacts on user input. Meaning: You can click on the graph and the corresponding item in the treeview gets selected and vice versa. It’s a bit buggy since KDChart is not reliable on what it reports, but it works quite well already.

Furthermore the colors should be better now, peaks are labeled (better readable on bright color schemes, I’m afraid to say…), legend is shown, …

Now lets see how I can make the treeview more useful!


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Comment by Attila Balint (not verified) (2011-04-12 14:29:00)

These build instructions are really outdated. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE create a deb package!!!

Comment by Milian Wolff (2011-04-15 11:38:00)

already there:

or are they not working?

edit: oh, right - obs does not create deb files. hm. but the build instructions on < visualizer> should work fine - if not please contact me via email and tell me about your problems… comments on a blog is not a good way for support.

Comment by Joshua Gourneau (not verified) (2010-07-29 23:34:00)

This looks like a really cool tool. I have been working on getting it to compile for a while :)

Here are the partial instructions for Ubuntu 10.04 with branch 8f84a30 from July 29, 2010

Get the depends:

sudo aptitude install kdelibs
sudo aptitude install cmake
sudo aptitude install kdelibs4-dev
sudo aptitude install kdebase
sudo apt-get install libphonon-dev build-essential
sudo aptitude install kde-devel

get kgraphviewer:

sudo aptitude install graphviz-dev graphviz
sudo aptitude install kdepimlibs5-dev
sudo aptitude install boost-build libboost-all-dev
mkdir kgraphviewer
cd kgraphviewer/
tar jxvf kgraphviewer-2.0.2-kde4.4.0.tar.bz2
cd kgraphviewer-2.0.2-kde4.4.0/

Then follow their README and install

Then Get git:

sudo aptitude install git-core

get the Massif-Visualizer from

git clone git://

Fixes: /in massif-visualizer/CMakeLists.txt I had to add this to the top:

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8)

then in /massif-visualizer/app/CMakeLists.txt I had hard coded the dir to the compiled kgrpahviewer lib dir:

include_directories( ${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR} ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR} /home/habitat/massif/massif- visualizer/kgraphviewer/kgraphviewer-2.0.2-kde4.4.0/build/lib )

Then you can follow the massif-visualizer readme

Comment by Chitti (not verified) (2010-07-05 10:37:00)

I have been to KDE event @ Tampere and got to know this tool. I liked it. I am new to this KDE stuff. I am struggling to compile/install kgraphviewer src code. Can you put the massif-visualizer deb files along with the src code as well ?

Comment by Milian Wolff (2010-07-08 21:35:00)

I’m working on it, I hope to get a first experimental preview release of massif-visualizer + kgraphviewer out next week.


PS: for now look for packages of kgraphviewer here, I’ll do the same for mv:…