First Days of Quanta+ GSOC 2010

Ok, finally I take the time to blog again.

The last two weeks have been a busy time for me and I couldn’t find as much time for GSOC as I would have wanted. I had to finish up some things at KDAB where I spent the last three months doing an internship (maybe I should write another blog about that eventually…). Afterwards I took five days of vacation, visiting a friend in Lisboa, Portugal - a very good decision to clear my head :) Esp. considering that I directly dropped back into my old job at the IT administration here at my university, where I had to quickly finish another project that I delayed until the last days possible ;-)

But… Even before GSOC officially started I already committed a few small things. But yesterday and today I finally started for good. Thanks to the discussion with Andris (my mentor) I actually think to know what I have to do ;-) Porting Quanta+ is not an easy task, even though there is already a Quanta binary that links against KDE4 and “works”. There are tons of files and hundres of lines of code commented out that are left to be ported. And I have to wager: What can I port in the few weeks left for GSOC and what should I drop for now? What is superseded, or should be eventually superseded, by a proper KDevplatform integrated plugin?

But well, I think I know what to do for the next few days:

If I manage most of these, I’m confident to say that I reached an important step towards a once again useful Quanta. Lets see how it works out.


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Comment by Vlad (not verified) (2010-06-08 01:49:00)

Thank you so much for your work. i miss quanta+ almost everyday as I have reverted to coding all in kate


Comment by NonKon (not verified) (2010-06-05 08:49:00)

Hallo Milan, vielen, vielen Dank für Deine Arbeit an Quanta, wir sind erwartungsvoll gespannt auf Deine Ergebnisse, whenever it comes :) Gruß aus Köln!

Comment by George (not verified) (2010-06-05 01:59:00)

I humbly bow in your presence.

Thank you.

Published on June 05, 2010.