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Second Markdownify Beta released (February 03, 2008)

I’ve just released a second Markdownify Beta with better PHP 4 support and some other small bug fixes. You can download it from sourceforge.

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Markdownify Beta released (February 03, 2008)

Finally I’ve completed the Markdownify website. Also I’ve released the first beta, here the news text from SourceForge:

This is the first beta release of Markdownify - the HTML to Markdown converter for PHP.

It is very stable and should handle nearly all features of Markdown and Markdown Extra syntax. Missing are only two things:

  • “Markdown inside block elements” for Markdownify Extra
  • word wrapping

These two things will be added before the first “stable” release. Additionally some performance improvements will hopefully be added.

You are encouraged to use this release in your web applications. Please let me know if you find any bugs. Also a code review by anyone would be very much appreciated!

Download it now

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Cedega and Sound (October 24, 2007)

If you’re cedega games don’t play sound when another program does some audio-ouput despite using ALSA don’t forget to change the CTL and PCM devices to “default”!

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GPLv2 vs GPLv3 (September 30, 2007)

I came across a very interesting paper about “GPLv2 vs GPL v3” , subbed :

The two seminal open source licenses, their roots, consequences and repercussions

Analysing, understanding and interpreting the GPLv2 and GPLv3 licenses

Must read for every Linux user in my opinion!

Download it here:

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Opera 9.50 beta (September 04, 2007)

Opera released their first 9.5 Alpha today, nicknamed Kestrel. Usually I don’t use Opera, I use Firefox for webdevelopment with Firebug and similar tools but it’s pretty slow even on my fast new machine. For my everyday browsing I use Konqueror for it’s neat desktop integration (read ASpell, KWallet, Kio, Filebrowser etc.). And compared to Firefox Konqueror is fast.

But Opera… Well I knew it was fast but in their release note they mentioned even more speed improvements, also for ECMA Script (JavaScript). So I thought, lets give it a try and I have to say I’m pretty much flabbergasted. It feals like it’s more than double as fast as Konqueror! I really might start to use Opera more frequently now… Let’s see what else they got except speed!

Also very interesting is this part of the release note:

Platform integration

We worked to make Kestrel feel even more integrated with your platform. Mac users can expect a nice new visual look and feel, while Opera for Linux will add a QT4 build, so you can easily adjust your skin to match the desktop. 64-bit Linux/FreeBSD packages will also be available.

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Gigabyte and Linux (August 14, 2007)

The other day I wondered how I could potentially upgrade my motherboard’s firmware. It’s an old GA-8IRX and works quite well. Though I did come across some strange system freezes on rare occasions. Now I looked up the firmware for the board and this (or something similar) is fixed in the newest release and I wondered how I could possibly update my firmware directly from Linux with only a .exe file given.

I send an email to the Gigabyte support and apart from the whole sucking of their oh so great support process, they simply don’t care about me:

My Email

I’m a Linux user and wonder what your proposed way to upgrade my motherboard bios / firmware is.

Can I use something like FreeDos? Or is Windows (which I do not have!) necessary?

It’s a shame that you neglect Linux here. Also it’s very bad that there is nothing to be read about this issue on your website.

Their Answer (English translation, they answered in German)

Dear Mr Wolff,

thank you for your request We appreciate your interest in GIGABYTE products.

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Update to the -ck story (July 28, 2007)

Here are some follow up responses on the -ck story:

  1. Linus on CFS vs SD
  2. response to Linus by Grzegor Kulewski

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Interview with Con Kolivas (July 24, 2007)

A very interesting interview with kernel developer Con Kolivas, who decided to quit hacking:

I have to say that most of his points concerning the lack of desktop-user centric kernel development are very insightful and understandable. Yet it’s kind of a no-brainer that those things get updated and developed which give Linux some money or whatever. Thus the server focused features are more important and have a higher preference.

But let’s see how this might eventually change with deals like Dell has with Ubuntu spreading out.

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Creating a Live CD (July 24, 2007)

Woha, I’d never imagined it to be so easy to create a customized Linux Live CD. Just grab the scripts from and follow their instructions. That way you can bind your current system on a dvd (or usb stick or whatever) and run it from everywhere!

I’ve done it with a CentOS 5 installation which was setup in a vmware. A simple scp to a real linux installation and burning the created iso to a DVD RW (via K3B) and now I got my own little live cd.

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LinuxTag 2007 - it's over (June 04, 2007)

Oh no, it’s over! No more LinuxTag for at least a year. It was such a good event, I can’t tell you!

I’ve been standing at the booth with czessi, \sh, serenity, coastgnu, emonkey and monika and it was a pleasure working with them! It’s great to get to know all those people from irc in real life! Additionally we had support by the Amarok team (gnux, sven423 and nightrose) and especially apachelogger - a loud howl goes out to you guys (and gal nightrose)!

Apachelogger and EmonkeyEmonkey, Serenity, Sven and Gnux

But I must not forget our booth neighbours: Ubuntu, linux4africa / Edubuntu and OpenOffice - thank you so much, I looking forward to share a booth place with you again sometime! A thanks in particular goes out to linux4africa for sharing their coffee machine with us - I fear I would have fallen asleep otherwise ;-) And thanks to O’Reilly for giving away free beer, there is nothing better when you have a hangover…

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