BlogKDevelop: Randa and GSOC 2011

Thu, 06/09/2011 - 15:59

Yawn. Hello everyone!

After two nights of backporting sleep in my RL branch to fix the deficiency I built up during Randa, I feel somewhat normal again. Time to blog, eh?


Lets begin with Randa. It was not only my first time there, but also my first time ever to be in the Swiss Alps. And furthermore it was the first time for me to be in the Alps without crying out loud about the lack of snow as I didn’t intend to go snowboarding. You can imagine it was a very pleasant experience for me. I definitely want to come back to go on some more serious hiking trips uphill. But I diverge ;-)

Randa as place for a sprint was simply awesome: Secluded hence no real distractions. Great environment to clean your head, get fresh air and stay focused and productive. Good food, nice people, … I could go on here :) The only negative things I noticed where the unstable networking and the dormitories.

KDevelop Sprint

The KDevelop sprint at Randa was very successful and productive. Here is a group picture of those who attended:

Randa 2011 KDevelop Group Picture
KDevelop Hackers at Randa 2011

from left to right: Sven Brauch (Python Support), Laszlo Papp (Gluon), Milian Wolff (…), Niko Sams (PHP, GDB, …), Aleix Pol (CMake, …), Alexander Dymo (UI, Ruby, …)

Aleix already blogged about what he did, so I won’t reiterate that. Instead let me point you to the incomplete log of our discussions on Techbase. Here are my personal highlights of the sprint:

  • We/I will setup a continous/nightly build- and regression-testing machine for KDevplatform/KDevelop and related plugins. Thanks already for the kind offers for hosting. More on this later
  • some more plugins from e.g. Quanta will see a released soon. Due to lack of manpower we cannot wait for a stable Quanta release, but some plugins in there are already stable and usable.
  • we will have some “welcome to kdevelop” page eventually, based on Aleix’s work with the Plasma Dashboard
  • Niko’s “Browser Like Tabs” mode will be merged eventually, try it out now and give us feedback!
  • Alexander merged a partial rewrite of the UI framework in KDevelop, bringing lots of new features and less bugs as well as reducing our codebase!
  • Sven attended his first KDE sprint and continued to work on a kick-ass python language support for KDevelop! Rock on!

I could go on and on here, we really did lots of stuff. It was great meeting you all again, hope to see you soon (at the Desktop Summit?).


To finish this already long blog off, here a few notes on my GSOC. As you might have heard, I work on bringing C++2011 (aka C++0x) support to KDevelop. I’ve already pushed some changes to my branch which adapt our parser to support the range-based for loop syntax as well as RValue references and variadic templates. Proper DUChain integration is pending, yet it already makes working with C++2011 features much more bearable! Stay tuned for a more in-depth report.