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Shell helper: running KDE unit tests (ctests) the easy way (March 26, 2009)

Unit tests are in my eyes a very important part of programming. KDE uses them, KDevelop does - the PHP plugin I help writing does as well. cmake comes with a ctest program which does quite well to give you a quick glance on which test suite you just broke with your new fance feature :)

But I am very dissatisfied with it. Right now I usually do the following

    # lets assume I'm in the source directory
    cb && ctest
    # look for failed test suites
    cd $failed_test_suite_path
    ./$ | less
    # search for FAIL
    cd $to_whereever_I_was_before

That’s pretty much for just running a test. Especially all that cding and lessing became very tedious. Tedious is good, because I eventually fix it:

introducing kdetest

I wrote a bash function (with autocompletion!!!) called kdetest. Calling it without any parameter will run all test suites and gives a nice report of failed functions at the end. Here’s an example (run via cs php && kdetest).

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