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Styling Apache Indexes (February 13, 2013)

The default output of Apaches Options +Indexes doesn’t look good at all. Very 1990 something… But - as with pretty much any open source open source software - there are tons of options, which enable you to change everything to your likings!

The contents of .htaccess

    # default order: descending by name
    IndexOrderDefault Descending Name
    # set the following options:
    # - ignore case
    # - don't display the description column
    # - display folders first
    # - set the width of the name column to 40 chars
    # - don't display the default HTML output (doctype, head, ..., starting <body> tag)
    # - use Fancy Indexing
    # - set IconHeight und Width to 16 pixels (FamFams Icons use these dimensions)
    IndexOptions +IgnoreCase +SuppressDescription +FoldersFirst +NameWidth=40 +SuppressHTMLPreamble +FancyIndexing +IconHeight=16 +IconWidth=16
    # we want to use indexes for this folder!
    Options +Indexes
    # the header template, which is displayed before the list
    HeaderName ../list_header.html
    # the footer template, which is displayed after the list
    ReadmeName ../list_footer.html
    # don't display the link to the root folder
    IndexIgnore ..
    # set the default icon to a fancy famfam icon
    DefaultIcon ../images/bricks.png

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