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recent GeSHi contributions (apache, xorg, apt, performance, ...) (June 18, 2008)

Your favourite syntax highlighter for web applications, GeSHi, recently got some new features and bug fixes. By yours sincerely. A rough summary of what I contributed:

  • various performance improvements, i.e. some speed optimizations and reduced memory consumptions (especially peak memory usage is down by roughly 1MB when highlighting geshi.php by itself)
  • minor bugfixes, including one which prevents some nasty PHP notices on PHP 5 systems to contaminate your precious log files
  • improved language files: bash, apache
  • added language files: GNU Gettext, Xorg configuration and Apt sources.list

Some of those features were already shipped with the recent release. But the two new language files and the improvements to the existing apache language file are currently only available via SVN. Wait for the next stable release which should be 1.0.8.

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Drupal Spam module ported to D6 (March 02, 2008)

I’ve got a pretty well working spam module for Drupal 6 now. Please test it, you can get the most up-to-date tarball here:

Take the last tarball available, should be the best. I’m planning on testing it live on this site. On my localhost testbox it worked pretty well.

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Ideas for programming (March 20, 2007)

Some things I’d like to code if I had the time / skill:

  1. open text files in kate / kwrite / quanta on demand (analogous to my open_url script)
  2. help the programming effort to add greasemonkey support for konqueror, see neofreko and namshub
  3. add something like stylish for konqueror (a simple frontend for user stylesheets)
  4. write a “clean up php code” plugin for quanta and/or kate, which adds/removes whitespaces etc.
  5. port labplot to kde4 / qt4
* give labplot a new website    6. add a klipper plugin or something to send its contents to an online pastebin like [attachr](

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