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KDevelop 5.0 Beta 2 and 4.7.3 Releases! (February 01, 2016)

Hey all!

I have the pleasure to announce the releases of two new KDevelop versions:

On one hand, there is the new and shiny KDevelop 5.0 Beta 2 release, which brings us much closer to a final release. Tons of issues have been resolved, many features got polished, and even our UI cleaned up a bit here and there. And did I mention impoved OS X and Windows support? See here for more:

Besides this new beta release, which is where most of our effort went into, I am also happy to announce KDevelop 4.7.3, a new bugfix release of our latest stable KDE 4 based KDevelop. Several annoying problems are resolved now, see the announcement for more information:

Many thanks to everyone involved!


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Access klipper clipboard on CLI under KDE4 (August 04, 2012)

NOTE: find most recent version on github:

Here’s a little script you can save in your path and do things like

    # paste current clipboard into file
    clipboard > "some_file"
    # copy some file into clipboard
    cat "some_file" | clipboard

Actually I find it rather useful so I thought I should share it.

    # Access your KDE 4 klipper on the command line
    # usage:
    #  ./clipboard
    #    will output current contents of klipper
    #  echo "foobar" | ./clipboard
    #    will put "foobar" into your clipboard/klipper
    # check for stdin
    if ! tty -s && stdin=$(</dev/stdin) && [[ "$stdin" ]]; then
      # get the rest of stdin
      # oh, nice - user input! we set that as current
      # clipboard content
      qdbus org.kde.klipper /klipper setClipboardContents "$stdin"
    # if we reach this point no user input was given and we
    # print out the current contents of the clipboard
    qdbus org.kde.klipper /klipper getClipboardContents

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LinuxTag Day One (May 28, 2008)

Like last year I’m again standing at the Kubuntu Community booth at this years LinuxTag. Just now I’ve attended the keynote held by Aaron Seigo, ambassador of the KDE project. It was a very interesting talk which covered topics like Internet-Mobile-Desktop interaction, security, effects, Nokia and more. The most important parts roughly listed are:

  • you’ll one day be able to use the same (KDE) applications everywhere - Marble and Plasma for example already just compile and work on mobile devices
  • the internet will get much more embedded into your everyday applications. Marble with OpenStreetMap & Wikipedia support or Amarok with its storage backends (Lastfm, Jamendo etc. etc.) are good examples in this regard.
  • KDE4 is much more accessible than KDE3 thanks to QAccessible
  • security and privacy is not forgotten! This is free software, don’t forget that. Plasma Applet packages will get GPG signed (just like the DEB packages in Apt). And you have control over what data is send where - no Stasi 2.0 here!
  • Nokia is actively supporting KDE, fear not! And of course never underestimate the power of the Free Qt Foundation.

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