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Gigabyte and Linux (August 14, 2007)

The other day I wondered how I could potentially upgrade my motherboard’s firmware. It’s an old GA-8IRX and works quite well. Though I did come across some strange system freezes on rare occasions. Now I looked up the firmware for the board and this (or something similar) is fixed in the newest release and I wondered how I could possibly update my firmware directly from Linux with only a .exe file given.

I send an email to the Gigabyte support and apart from the whole sucking of their oh so great support process, they simply don’t care about me:

My Email

I’m a Linux user and wonder what your proposed way to upgrade my motherboard bios / firmware is.

Can I use something like FreeDos? Or is Windows (which I do not have!) necessary?

It’s a shame that you neglect Linux here. Also it’s very bad that there is nothing to be read about this issue on your website.

Their Answer (English translation, they answered in German)

Dear Mr Wolff,

thank you for your request We appreciate your interest in GIGABYTE products.

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