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Take 2: Download script for Ebooks (March 12, 2010)

NOTE: This script is apparently against the licensing contract between universities and Springer, see:

NOTE 2: I do not maintain this script anymore. Please look for an alternative.

Seems like quite some people are interested in my bash script for downloading ebooks from

That script has some quirks, the greatest of all that it was written in bash which makes it kind of hard to implement new features. And one which was requested was support for books which span multiple pages on SpringerLink.

So here I present - a Python rewrite which should handle all the old links and some more. This is the very first program I’ve written in Python. And since it has to run on the Zedat servers it’s limited to Python 2.4.x without any fancy shmancy additions (a pity, since I’d love to use urlgrabber or pycurl).

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Download script for Ebooks (December 20, 2008)

After a long period of silence I present you the following bash script for downloading books from This is not a way to circumvent their login mechanisms, you will need proper rights to download books. But many students in Germany get free access to those ebooks via their universities. I for example study at the FU Berlin and put the script in my Zedat home folder and start the download process via SSH from home. Afterwards I download the tarball to my home system.

Read on for the script.

Download the script (attached below), push it to your Zedat account, make it executable and run it. You’ll have to give it a link to a book-detail page like this one for example. Also take a look at the example call at the top of the script.

Requires bash, wget, iconv, egrep.

Note: Take a look at the comments, Faro has come up with an updated Bash script which properly handles ebooks which span multiple pages on SpringerLink and merges the pdf-files with pdftk. Thanks Faro!

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