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Styling Apache Indexes (February 13, 2013)

The default output of Apaches Options +Indexes doesn’t look good at all. Very 1990 something… But - as with pretty much any open source open source software - there are tons of options, which enable you to change everything to your likings!

The contents of .htaccess

    # default order: descending by name
    IndexOrderDefault Descending Name
    # set the following options:
    # - ignore case
    # - don't display the description column
    # - display folders first
    # - set the width of the name column to 40 chars
    # - don't display the default HTML output (doctype, head, ..., starting <body> tag)
    # - use Fancy Indexing
    # - set IconHeight und Width to 16 pixels (FamFams Icons use these dimensions)
    IndexOptions +IgnoreCase +SuppressDescription +FoldersFirst +NameWidth=40 +SuppressHTMLPreamble +FancyIndexing +IconHeight=16 +IconWidth=16
    # we want to use indexes for this folder!
    Options +Indexes
    # the header template, which is displayed before the list
    HeaderName ../list_header.html
    # the footer template, which is displayed after the list
    ReadmeName ../list_footer.html
    # don't display the link to the root folder
    IndexIgnore ..
    # set the default icon to a fancy famfam icon
    DefaultIcon ../images/bricks.png

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updated TypoGridder (April 12, 2007)

Yes I know it is pretty darn late but hey - what else are holidays there for? Except learning and partying and dancing and chilling and… well yes I just could not stop until it worked like I wanted it to.

My TypoGridder now works as a MiniTool for Konqueror and as a bookmarklet in Firefox and Opera. It should have the correct height on any page and should be on top of everything. Please test it and report any bugs.

Visit TypoGridder project Page

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Comics for WebDevs (November 22, 2006)

Very funny and a great style of painting, though only webdevs will fully appreciate it.

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