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Easily access quassellogs from the CLI (October 22, 2009)

Quassel is really a cool program. I like how I can use it from everywhere and access the same set of data. Now using IMAP and Quassel I’d really look forward for similar shared access to other IMs, but that’s not the topic of this blog post.

What I want to introduce is a new addition to my set of shell helpers, called quassellog:

    $ quassellog -u milian -b "#kdevelop" | tail -n 1
    [2009-08-27 13:09:11]  milian > hi all
    $ quassellog -b "#kdevelop" | tail -n 1
    [2009-08-27 16:43:35]  Fersis!n=Fersis@ > yeah i did
    $ quassellog
    quassellog [-u USER] [-b BUFFER] [PATTERN]
     -u USER        show only messages from users, who have USER at
                    the start of their sender name.
     -b BUFFER      show only messages in this buffer
                    valid buffers are:
    ##linux                 #khtml                  &IMP                    ...SNIP...
     PATTERN        a simple pattern, use * for wildcard matching
    NOTE: order of options is not exchangable, i.e. first -u, then -b then pattern...

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