You gotta watch this: RIP: A remix Manifesto

Hey all!

I’m now abusing the fact that my blog is aggregated on the planet to bring this diamond of a documentary some more coverage it deserves so greatly. I’m speaking about Rip: A remix Manifesto. Go and watch it. Now!

I bet every single FOSS user, developer, advocate thrives in watching it. I’m totally blown away and hope that as many people as possible watch it.

And gosh - open source cinema , how cool is that :)


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Comment by Keith (not verified) (2010-04-25 23:07:00)

Wow great link mate. Helped me learn more towards the free side :) I hope more benefit from it ^____^

Comment by apol (not verified) (2010-04-25 21:22:00)

Awesome :D