Will code for food

Ha, what a bit of a bribe can do to me… Someday earlier today a user of the PHP plugin for KDevelop brought up the flickering issue in it again. Well as I told him: I myself find it very annoying and wanted to fix it since quite some time, but never got around to it… Usually that would be it and I’d go watch some more FamilyGuy until I’m in the mood to track this bugger down. But well, thankfully Phlogi wasn’t so easy to dispatch:

milian: ok… I’ll send you pizza and beer if you fix this!

Hours of gdb sessions later, I finally committed a fix. So Phlogi, if you read this: You owe me ;-)

To all others: If you tried the PHP plugin out and the flickering was too much for you: Give it a try again! I’m personally totally overwhelmed, the difference is huge! I often perceived the PHP plugin to be magnitudes slower than the C++ one. Well, looks like most of this was only due to the flickering. Now things are much smoother.

Happy holidays!


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Comment by Phlogi (not verified) (2009-12-22 20:03:00)

I knew you’ll do it… as soon as you show up we’ll discuss the details!

PS: I’m checking out now if you did your job properly however :)

Comment by Capi /. Etheriel (not verified) (2009-12-22 13:07:00)

you know, there is a software called pizza_party that orders pizza… php flickering in kdevelop was giving me my own share of a headache, so i switched back to kate… but fixing it is such a great new, i want to buy you a pizza myself. how should i?

Comment by Milian Wolff (2009-12-22 14:51:00)

Well, you can send me the money via PayPal ( or contact me via mail (same adress) and I’ll give you the required banking infos. I live in Berlin, Germany so pick whatever fits you best.

Sadly I don’t know of any pizza store in Berlin that doesn’t take only cash…

Comment by Arne Babenhauserheide (not verified) (2009-12-22 11:11:00)


I hope the shipping won’t be too expensive :)

Maybe we should add a service “get a pizza delivered to KDE developer X” which directly finds the closest pizza dealer and orders a pizza for the dev after sending the money to the pizza dealer (how many pizza dealers accept PayPal payments? :) )

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) (2009-12-22 10:37:00)

Could you tell us the reason for the flickering? Sounds like an interesting bug.

/me writes down: beer and pizza is the best way to bribe an FOSS developer.

Comment by Milian Wolff (2009-12-22 14:41:00)

You can see my commit message and the related code changes in WebSVN:

Though I doubt it’s easy to understand for anybody outside of the DUChain code ;-)

But yes, beer and pizza is surely a splendid bribe. Though there are rumors of FOSS developers not drinking beer, so you might have to find something else there. But pizza is surely a good bet :)

Comment by Niko (not verified) (2009-12-22 09:50:00)

nice ^^

Published on December 22, 2009.