Trying Mollom

I’ve just installed the Mollom module for Drupal, lets see how it works. I’ve read so much praise on the official Drupal Planet (read for example this, this or that) that I could no longer resist. Installation and setup is a breeze, OpenID is supported on the Mollom website.

As you might have read I’ve ported the Spam module for Drupal 6. It worked fine. Haven’t got a problem with it at all. But I recon Mollom is the way to go.


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Comment by Anonymous (not verified) (2009-07-15 17:08:00)

One year on, and I’m trying (and testing) the use of mollom on a couple of our sites. I find a paucity of implementation examples of mollom usage — though I see many endorsements of the service, and much mention of how simple the installation, I cannot find, for example, screenshots of the CAPTCHA in action, nor any blow-by-blow accounts of installation. I’m actually writing this to see whether I’ll see any indication of the protection mechanism upon submission. Of course, writing this in a coherent and real manner serves to negate the possibility of raising any such flag. Sigh.

Published on July 15, 2009.