New XHTML 2 Draft

Yesterday, the latest working draft of XHTML 2.0 was released. Oh my, what would I give to live in the future - like in 5-10 years from now. In a paradise for every web developer where XHTML 2.0 was the common standard and all browsers support it…

Ok, enough of that day night dreaming. Here are the “Major Differences with XHTML 1” I’m most looking forward:

  1. Images in every element - no need for fancy image replacement!
  2. Any element can serve as a link. Very nice! That way you won’t have to use something like <li><a href="...">...</a></li>, <li href="...">...</li> will do it.
  4. Navigation lists
  5. Last but not least the role attribute. That will be a good replacement for semantic classes such as <p class="note"> at least if all browsers support CSS 2 selectors (p[role="note"])


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Published on July 28, 2006.