New Microsoft C*-Fonts for all (Win, Mac, Linux)

Microsoft has created some new fonts for their Office 2007 suite and Vista: Calibri, Cambria, Candara, Consolas, Constantia, Corbel. Read this article for more infos and some pictures.

They look pretty good I have to admit but nevertheless they are tainted by evil ;-). Nevertheless they might become quite common in the next months. So how does one acquire these fonts (besides spending a fortune on their software)?

Windows ships them with their free PowerPoint Viewer. All you have to do is extract the *.exe and the containing *.cab. Than you’ll be able to install the TrueType Fonts like others.

I didn’t find this out, I read it in the German Blog or rather this blog entry

HowTo install on Linux

Run cabextract on the *.exe and the once. You’ll have the TTF files in your current directory, install them (e.g. via KControl).

HowTo install on a Mac

Unpack the *.exe with FileJuicer and than do the same for the until you see the TTF files.

Taken from this German HowTo

HowTo install on Windows XP etc.

Simply install the PowerPoint Viewer!


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Published on March 21, 2007.