Massif Visualizer 0.2 released

Hey all!

I’m happy to release Massif Visualizer v0.2. This is mainly a “fix the build-system” release, no new features have been added.

You can download it here:

Mac Support

Thanks to the reports by Chris Jones it’s now possible to build and use Massif Visualizer on Max OS X, see e.g.:

He has also submitted the portsfile for inclusion in Macports:

KGraphViewer now optional

I’ve made the KGraphViewer dependency optional, if anyone does not want it (even though this removes like 50% of the tools features).

KDE Infrastructure

I’ve also prepared the steps for moving Massif-Visualizer into KDE Extragear and asked kde-devel for review. I already use the KDE infrastructure now:


<> Git:
`git clone git://` Bug tracker:

[]( Mailing List:


This also means that I’ll shortly get translations by the awesome KDE-i18n-Team, so stay tuned for a 0.3 including translations!

Open Suse Buildservice

I’ve also spent quite some time today battling with OBS and can provide at least packages for Fedora, Mandriva and Open Suse now. I’m still waiting for help on the remaining issues and once they are resolved I’ll add the remaining packages.


    ChangeLog for massif-visualizer v0.2
    * Milian Wolff: set version to 0.2
    * Milian Wolff: fix conditional
    * Milian Wolff: make kgraphviewer dependency optional
    * Milian Wolff: fix FindKGraphViewer.cmake
    * Milian Wolff: fix .po name
    * Milian Wolff: remove some esoteric cli option for XGETTEXT that does not make 
    any sense according to Albert
    * Milian Wolff: fix: install libs to make sure they can get loaded on OSX e.g.
    * Milian Wolff: fix compile warning about init order, improve style by having 
    just one init per line
    * Milian Wolff: add export macros everywhere, make visualizer helper use the 
    Massif namespace as well
    * Milian Wolff: add


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