Massif Visualizer 0.1 released

Good news everyone!

Since Gaël finally came around to release KGraphViewer 2.1, I can go ahead and do the same for Massif Visualizer!

Download Massif Visualizer 0.1

This is the first release and I would be very happy if more users gave me their feedback. I intend to move to soon in order to leverage the KDE infrastructure (mostly translations, bug tracker, releases)… This also means: There are no translations yet! I also intend to update my OBS repository to provide packages for the first release.

Stay tuned for updates.


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Comment by Anonymous (not verified) (2010-11-04 00:09:00)

Great, I had been trying and failing last week to find a version of kgraphviewer that had the files massif-viewer needed in order to compile. These tarballs worked great for me. Thanks. This tool is really appreciated.

Comment by leo (not verified) (2010-11-02 20:53:00)

massif-visualizer is awesome.

that is all.