KDevelop PHP digest - August to Oktober 2009

Hi there again! I’ve been silent again on my blog, but didn’t rest on development. In the one and a half months since the last digest, I started writing a PHP application This finally made me eat my own dog food :). It resulted in lots of polishing and quite a few bug fixes for the PHP plugin in KDevelop. Here’s a list of what I think are the notably changes since the last digest:

(Note: to view screenshots, go to the bottom of this article.)

I created a Flickr account and will push screenshots to it for every upcoming digest I do. To see some of the features I talk about above, visit:

EDIT : A note to those that want to try this out , but cannot / don’t want to compile it: I heard that there is / will be an AUR package for Arch users available. And I’d really appreciate it if others could create packages for their favorite distribution as well. You’ll need bleeding-edge kdevplatform + kdevelop though!


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Comment by Emil Sedgh (not verified) (2009-10-02 16:40:00)

Hi Thanks for working on the php support. Its getting better and better each time i try. In case you need some feedback, i can tell you what stopped me from using kdevelop. While the features are astonishing, the performance kills you. I simply gave up using it because it got ~1GB of my memory after an hour. Also, the unrelated menus and stuff are annoying. I mean all that make, make instal, make install as root and such buttons which do not belong to a web application.

(going to try it again)

Comment by Milian Wolff (2009-10-02 17:54:00)

Yes, right now I’m more in “getting it to work” mode, instead of “getting it to work as fast and performant as possible” mode :)

And the situation with the unrelated menu items is indeed kinda annoying, though remember that you can hide unneccessary toolbars and toolviews. The menu’s will stay there of course, but I never use them.

Of course, this will improve once Quanta is getting some love, though that will take some time I fear…

But maybe I’ll try to push the memory consumption a bit, lets see. Though first some Kate development!

Comment by Harley Laue (not verified) (2009-10-02 15:35:00)

Just a comment on the AUR PKGBUILD, if you actually need a binary package for it, I can provide up-to-date builds for x86_64 and perhaps i686 if there’s a desire/need for it. My email is in the PKGBUILD, or just comment on the AUR page.

Published on October 02, 2009.