KDevelop Hack Sprint 2009 - Day 1

Ok, a short blog about the first day of our KDevelop Hack Sprint at Mykolayiv (see my first blog post). First up, being in the Ukraine is a very interesting experience since it’s totally different from any place I have ever been to. And thanks to the great hospitality of Alexander (adymo) we already had a city tour of Odessa and Mykolayiv.

Tomorrow will be the first real day of our hack sprint: Today we only hacked at our flat for a few hours. Before that we had the city tour through Mykolayiv. And tomorrow David Nolden (zwabel) and Nick Shaforostoff will arrive which will make the list complete.

Today I personally worked on making KDevelop support dark color schemes better which is still a work in progress (nothing comitted so far). Actually for a real good experience I’ll have to extend KTextEditor to make it’s color configuration available for the parent application (i.e. KDevelop). Let’s see when I get to that. Though I plan to push my patches to KDevplatform beforehand for an intermediate solution.

Random other notes about Ukraine: - I love the Vodka (esp. with its prices) here! - breakfast at a cafe is pretty much a no-go here it seems - street lights are luxury - very many old building all across the city, looks pretty good. Though would look even better if all of them would be in a good shape… Yet I still prefer it that way - I hate what was done to Berlin after the war, i.e. that they teared most of the old buildings apart instead of repairing them…

So, lets see what tomorrow brings, now I’m back to some more hacking :)


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Comment by DanaKil (not verified) (2009-04-20 23:49:00)

“I personally worked on making KDevelop support dark color schemes better”

\o/ <== this is me waving my hands in the air

Published on April 20, 2009.