KDevelop 4.7.0 Released

Hello all!

It’s my pleasure to finally announce the availability of KDevelop 4.7.0:

This is a special release, as it marks the end of the KDE 4 era for us in terms of feature development. We will continue to support this release in the long-term with bug fixes though. New things and fundamental changes will only happen in the frameworkified master branches from now an.

Many thanks to all contributors!



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Comment by Anonymous (2015-01-22 23:35:00)

Great IDE :)

Comment by Anonymous (2014-09-13 22:22:00)

Hello there! I just wanna ask what happened with Quanta+…

Comment by Milian Wolff (2014-09-20 00:47:00)

It is dead, but the important functionality it used to offer lives on in KDevelop.

Published on September 20, 2014.