KDevelop 4.5.2 available!

Hey all,

KDevelop 4.5.2 is finally released! Go see the announcement on our website for more info:

Note that this release contains some serious crash fixes, so update asap, i.e. as soon as your packagers get to it :)

Enjoy and thanks to all contributors! Looking forward to KDevelop 4.6 already!


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Comment by myntra (not verified) (2014-04-19 05:23:00)


Comment by Rsh (not verified) (2013-11-03 02:47:00)

Thanks for awesome work!! Looking forward to C99/C++11 variadic macro support. ;-)

Comment by gabo (not verified) (2013-10-31 16:21:00)

Thank you everybody for working on the best available C++ IDE. Please, keep going!

Published on October 31, 2013.