KDevelop 4.1.2 released

Good news everyone, part 1 for today:

I’m happy to announce the immediate availability of KDevelop 4.1.2, a pure bug fix release without new features. Anyone using the 4.1 branch is urged to upgrade to this new version as soon as possible. Keep in mind that if you are using KDE 4.6 or higher, you need the 4.2 branch. This release works fine with KDE 4.4 or 4.5 though.

Note: This is - probably - the last release in this branch. We are now concentrating on 4.2 and what will become 4.3 eventually.


You can grab the source tarballs at the usual location:

Packagers will hopefully update the distributions, hence most people should get this release automatically via a software update.


    ChangeLog for KDevPlatform v1.1.2
    * Milian Wolff: make sure we generate colors in the ctor (undelayed)
    * Milian Wolff: properly emitResult when internal SVN job failed, prevents indefinite wait in isVersionControlled on invalid URLS
    * Nicolás Alvarez: Simplify code in DUContextDynamicData assertion.
    * Milian Wolff: make sure we don't think a project is still being opened when it's import was canceled
    * Dmitry Risenberg: Check for unloaded version control plugin in ProjectPrivate.
    * Nicolás Alvarez: DumpChain: avoid double quotes around indentation in debug messages.
    * Milian Wolff: hide non-project kcms from project config (e.g. php documentation)
    * Milian Wolff: backport from 1.2: safely iterate over job list where kill can delete child jobs
    * Andreas Pakulat: Fix link-interface
    * Milian Wolff: initialize even more static data in a controlled way to prevent random crashes
    * Milian Wolff: also init repository for modification revision sets properly
    * Milian Wolff: move initialization of static DUChain data to DUChain::initialize()
    * Andreas Pakulat: Declare the new function
    * Andreas Pakulat: Extract duchain-item-repo initialization into a separate function.
    * Andreas Pakulat: Fix a crash when loading a project, by initializing static data
    * Aleix Pol: When working with directories, use the actual directory to get the cwd instead of the parent.
    * Milian Wolff: show prefix, postfix and arguments in snippets tree view
    * Milian Wolff: use Disabled palette also for snippets in disabled repositoreis
    * Nicolás Alvarez: Fix comment typo.
    * Milian Wolff: sort actions by name in 'Add Tool View' context menu
    ChangeLog for KDevelop v4.1.2
    * Nicolás Alvarez: Fix build error.
    * Milian Wolff: set version to 4.1.2 in preparation of KDevelop 4.2 release
    * Aleix Pol: Applied Valentyn Pavliuchenko patch to fix GLOB_RECURSIVE behaviour.
    * Milian Wolff: fix entry list being empty for some Qt versions
    * Milian Wolff: don't try to non-text/plain cmake files (e.g. due to problematic include)
    * Aleix Pol: Support as variables, variables that end with a number. This small problem made macro_optional_find_package not to work, have to be careful about that.
    * Aleix Pol: Properly reload when a CMakeLists.txt file has been deleted from the FS. If the CMakeLists.txt wasn't found, cleanup the directory.
    * Aleix Pol: Also watch non-cmake directory changes.
    * Aleix Pol: Properly store the cached variables doc string.
    * Aleix Pol: Small coding style change.
    * Aleix Pol: When checking if a directory exists, check that it's not a root's parent. CMake returns false in that case.
    * Milian Wolff: backport from master: optimize: remove existing entries from the list and don't call potentially slow hasFileOrfolder over and over again on them
    * Milian Wolff: optimize: don't protect static getter with mutex, instead set it up in a controlled fashion
    * Aleix Pol: Properly add relative globs. BUG: 259099 CCBUG: 259135
    * Aleix Pol: Backport from master. Don't add unused stuff in the cmake project tree.
    * Aleix Pol: Add support for CMAKE_MATCH_* variable.
    * Aleix Pol: Remove useless code.
    * Aleix Pol: Add support for VERSION_* commands.
    ChangeLog for KDevelop PHP v1.1.2
    * Milian Wolff: Allow null as type for class constants.


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Published on January 14, 2011.