KDevelop 4.1.1 released

Good news everyone!

I’m happy to announce the immediate availability of KDevelop 4.1.1, a pure bug fix release. Every user is urged to upgrade to this new and improved version.

You can download the sources from one of the mirros. Though most users should get this update via a distribution package update.

Changelog for KDevelop 4.1.1

    ChangeLog for kdevplatform v1.1.1
    * Milian Wolff: set version to 1.1.1
    * Aleix Pol: Make the build tool responsible for renaming the items when rename is triggered (it was already being done, but twice in abstractfilemanagerplugin).
    * Dmitry Risenberg: Fix line numbers in annotation bar for git. BUG:255599
    * Pino Toscano: i18n: do not extract messages from sources in 'tests' subdirectories
    * Nicolás Alvarez: Minor changes to apidox.
    * Aleix Pol: When removing a file or directory, check if it has git versioned stuff. In that case ask Git to remove it, otherwise trash it.
    * Nicolás Alvarez: Fix comment typos in iplugin.h.
    * ben2367: Correct FileManager contextMenu
    * Nicolás Alvarez: Add i18n comments to strings in codeutils plugin.
    * Nicolás Alvarez: DumpChain: code cleanup.
    * Milian Wolff: fix: don't crash when changing shortcuts without having an active document
    * Milian Wolff: set a proper minimum width when initializing the launch config dialog
    * Milian Wolff: make sure all projects are readable in launch config dialog
    * Milian Wolff: initialize CodeHighlightingColors after we initialized the required member vars, add test to run valgrind easily
    * Lambert CLARA: Fix lib APU find in FindSubversionLibrary.cmake
    * Milian Wolff: preserve remote parts of url of active document for 'open file' dialog
    * Aleix Pol: Copy the current directory instead of doing silly references.
    * Milian Wolff: add some icons in the launch config dialog
    * Milian Wolff: fix resize-to-column width algorithm and make launch config dialog have a sane size by default
    * Milian Wolff: disable target combobox when using custom executable
    * Milian Wolff: try to fix crash in KDevelop::ConfigurableHighlightingColors::getAttribute
    * Milian Wolff: fix up delegate deletion, prevents crash in generic manager test cases (was deleted but the static var in the getter function was not reset)
    * Milian Wolff: backport from master: only append subdirs to actual parent list jobs, fixes random crashes
    * Nicolás Alvarez: Add 'build' to .gitignore.
    * Milian Wolff: make project url canonical before inserting into m_currentlyOpening
    * Milian Wolff: don't leak temporary files
    ChangeLog for kdevelop v4.1.1
    * Milian Wolff: set version to 4.1.1
    * Pino Toscano: i18n: do not extract messages from sources in 'tests' subdirectories
    * Burkhard Lück: fix wrong usage of translation context in ui file messages to make the translated strings visible either use <string comment="bar">foo</string> or <string extracomment="@info">foo</string>
    * Milian Wolff: backport from master: when using parallel builds, make install with kdesudo uses a command string like: kdesudo -t -c make -j4 install
    * Nicolás Alvarez: Cleanup and typo fixes in code comments.
    * Nicolás Alvarez: Use qSwap instead of custom "tmp=a; a=b; b=tmp;" code.
    * Milian Wolff: fix: make sure we compare directores without slashes as KDevelop API's urls have slashes while QDir::entryInfoList will never have slashes
    * Aleix Pol: Provide support for break in foreach command.
    * Aleix Pol: comment for performance issues.
    * Aleix Pol: Added support for CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR variable.
    * Aleix Pol: When looking for cmake modules, look for the directories without lowercases. It should work too.
    * Milian Wolff: don't try to get namespace for dot and dotdot, prevents pesty warning:
    * Milian Wolff: fix: prevent crash, don't try to access duchainpointer blindly
    * Milian Wolff: fix: unbreak 'Force Tabs' in astyle formatter settings
    * Milian Wolff: fix: make sure to apply negative BlockBreakAll option
    * Milian Wolff: never switch to the implementation of a signal (i.e. the .moc file), instead use fallback and switch to .cpp
    * Milian Wolff: backport from master: disable DEBUG_UI_LOCKUP by default, if desired enabled it via cmake (BUILD_uiblocktester option)
    ChangeLog for php v1.1.1
    * Milian Wolff: set version to 1.1.1
    * Milian Wolff: fix: remove obsolete mention of application/x-gzip in supported mimetype list

Additional to these changes, the translations have been improved and updated.

As always, many thanks to all the contributors who made this possible.


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Published on January 20, 2011.