KDevelop 4.0.2 and KDevelop 4.1 Beta 1 released

Good news everyone, this time in a double feature!

I’m happy to announce the availability of two new additions to the KDevelop release family:

KDevelop 4.0.2 stable release

Lets begin with the boring part: We have released KDevelop 4.0.2, together with KDevplatform and the PHP plugins. You can find the sources here:

This is a bugfix only release and everyone is urged to upgrade as soon as possible. Users should wait for their distributions to provide packages for them. The tarballs contain changelogs if you are interested what happened since 4.0.1. Or read them online:

Note: This is (most probably) the last release in the 4.0 branch. We don’t have enough manpower to handle more than one stable branch. Which makes me come to the second part of this mail:

KDevelop 4.1 Beta 1 experimental release

We are very happy to publish KDevelop 4.1 Beta 1, which will be the branch we are concentrating on in the next time. You can find the sources here:

This is a preview release. We are gratefully welcoming any testers and feedback to polish it further for the final 4.1 release which will probably happen around mid October. Please put the reports on the usual places, e.g. If you are interested in the (quite long) list of changes, look into the tarballs again for an extensive git changelog. If you just want a few highlights: Git Support Plugin, External Script Plugin, general polishing, CPP support improvements, lots of bug fixes, UI polishing, performance improvements, … you name it :)

For the fun of it, here the list of commits changes for 4.1 (imo far too big to show anything useful):

Thanks as always to the KDevelop team for making this possible and to the users for giving us valuable feedback.


PS: Sorry that I forgot to announce this yesterday or even Friday, as I initially planned. Well, weekends are such a nice time to go outside and enjoy life :)


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Comment by Frost (not verified) (2010-09-19 01:30:00)

Thank you guys. Good job! I just have a very little question: is there going to be fortran support for Kdevelop 4?

I’m not hunting you with obligations nor anything else, it’s just a question :)

Comment by Milian Wolff (2010-09-20 13:46:00)

so far noone stepped up to write the support plugin for Fortran. Hence the answer is: No, not until someone writes the code.

If you are interested in writing some code, come contact us in #kdevelop on Freenode or via our developer mailing list.


Comment by Anonynous (not verified) (2010-09-16 23:20:00)

Kdevelop is a great product and it is my favorite IDE since version 3.0. However I noticed that other IDEs are eating KDevelop lunch. I mean that both Eclipse and Netbeans are great IDEs and are improving their support also towards C/C++, Php, and others. besides Java that they obviously support as the primary language. KDevelop 4.x should evolve rapidly and try to support at least Java in a decent way otherwise the risk is to remain a niche IDE or even to disappear. This could be a problem for KDE too. KDE 4.x is beautiful it took about 3 year to have a platform that has perhaps less features that the previous version 3.5.

Comment by bernardino (not verified) (2010-09-16 01:31:00)

There is something new and definitive of Quanta+ -html/css-?

Comment by Milian Wolff (2010-09-17 19:44:00)

pick one of these:


Comment by mfuhrer (not verified) (2010-09-13 21:23:00)

Thanks for the new releases! KDevelop just keeps getting better and better, and I always look forward to trying out the latest builds.

I was playing with the external script plugin - I can make good use of this on top of the custom build system/scripts we use at our company. I notice that output from the external script is sent to the “Run” tool view. If the script is compiling code and generates compile errors, clicking on the errors in the Run tool view won’t send me to the problematic line in the source code. Would it be possible to send script output to the “Build” tool view, where clicking on errors achieves this jump-to-error functionality, or alternatively, to enable jump-to-error in the “Run” tool view?

Comment by Milian Wolff (2010-09-17 19:45:00)

please report this wish on and I hope to implement something like that (generically) eventually.


Comment by Luc (not verified) (2010-09-13 13:16:00)

Great news! Thank you Millian and all KDevelop team! Keep up the good work :) KDevelop rules!!! :p

Comment by gio (not verified) (2010-09-10 11:33:00)

Hello and thank you for your work. I’m using kdevelop 4.1 Beta 1 from sources, is there a way to install css support? I tried to install quanta from git, but gives me compilation errors.

Comment by Milian Wolff (2010-09-10 16:20:00)

quanta master should build against kdev 4.1 just fine… it does so for me.

Comment by gio (not verified) (2010-09-10 18:03:00)

doh!… so… there is a right place where I can ask support for compiling? I think here would be a little bit off-topic…

P.S. in my case this Beta 1 experimental release is more stable than the 4.0.2 stable release! :) I’m using it from a few days and I haven’t recorded any crash or issue. Again, thank you!

Comment by Milian Wolff (2010-09-11 13:57:00)

either the kdevelop devel mailinglist or #kdevelop on freenode IRC.

Comment by Harley Laue (not verified) (2010-09-07 16:33:00)

That’s great news to everyone riding stable KDev releases. Personally I enjoy watching the features come in slowly from new builds every few days from git (I tend to build the git packages every day or two M-F) :)

Anyways, keep up the good work. I always feel like it’s not said enough, but your continual development work is greatly appreciated, and I continue to look forward to watching KDev continue to get better and better.

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) (2010-09-06 21:42:00)

“This is (most probably) the last release in the 4.0 branch. We don’t have enough manpower to handle more than one stable branch”

I never undestood this. Since there should be only bugfixes there, supporting more than one stable branch is never a matter of manpower but of willness and proud.

Bugs shouldn’t be there to start with so commiting to clean your own mess is just about being proud about one’s own work. Telling you lack the manpower for bugfixing is nothing but telling you don’t give a damn about the quality of your own work and that’s sad.

Bugfixing is not about being “boring” but about being proud. Proud to say “see? That’s my work and it’s a high quality one”.

Comment by Milian Wolff (2010-09-06 22:26:00)

No, you don’t get it: We do bug fixing, and a lot of it. But it’s not trivial to fix one and the same bug in different branches, since the code may change considerable due to API changes, new features, … Oh and lets not forget the amount of time I have to spent just to create, test and announce a new release.

KDevelop 4.1 will contain bug fixes that KDevelop 4.0.2 has not and never will. So really, your comment is totally inappropriate. We are proud of our application and fixing bugs is very important for us. We do spent considerable amounts of free time just for that.

And your statement “Bugs shouldn’t be there to start with” is just a joke. Have you ever done any software development? We are just humans, of course we do mistakes!


Comment by BAReFOOt (not verified) (2010-09-10 22:42:00)

I always wonder who those people, whe complain about something that they get for free , think they are… There should be a complaint box behind a paypal button, so people who just want to complain (as opposed to finding a real bug, and staying polite) have to pay, to do it. Pay enough, that it’s rather a motivation for the recipent. (But of course, this then must be true for all sides. Meaning, that unfriendly developers would also have to pay (in some way), to fix the reputation. :)

Deal? :)

Comment by Clavko (not verified) (2010-09-10 13:53:00)

Just wanted to say - you’re doing a great job, keep up the good work! As with every darn thing in life, we just take it one step at a time ;) And don’t listen to trolls that don’t contribute :)

Comment by Simon ESNEAULT (not verified) (2010-09-24 10:27:00)

Yeah kdevelop really is a great peace of software, I use it everyday and it save me a lot of time. Don’t listen to that kind of people who always complains, they’re nuisible. Simon

Published on September 24, 2010.