Kate/KDevelop HackSprint - Up To Day 4

Woha, quite a few days flew by without me blogging about anything. Thankfully the others started to write so I don’t have to repeat it all ;-) Instead I’ll concentrate on stuff I did or learned.

GHNS for Snippets

Well, first I think an excuse is in oder: There is a GHNS button for Kate Snippets in 4.4.0 but it’s broken, neither me nor Joseph had time to acutally use and fix it… But anyways, I fixed it now for 4.4.1. For 4.5 we’ll also have an Upload Dialog.

I also added both now to KDevelop, you can now upload and download snippets from it. I added a few dump examples but will probably improve it steadily.

Kate Performance

On Saturday and Sunday I started to profile Kate highlighting for a large MySQL dump and managed to greatly improve the speed. Actually the funny thing is that I could improve RegExp based highlighting (you still should try to prevent using it, it will always be slower than simple char/string based highlighting). And the knowledge for this optimization I had from my time as an active contributor for GeSHi. I feel like it was ages ago, he funny :)

So if anybody has a big file that takes ages to load (but only if you use KDE 4.5 trunk or higher), tell me and give me the file. I might find some more ways to optimize different languages.

Other Stuff

Other than that I also managed to fix a few more bugs in Kate and KDevelop and had a good time with the other guys here in Berlin. Yesterday I showed some others how I spent quite a few nights: Partying in Berlin is nice :)

Oh and Bernhard showed me a little gem of his: Kate Standalone which you can use to build only KatePart from kdelibs trunk. This actually works very well (up until some new API from KDE trunk is used).


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Comment by Dinker (not verified) (2014-01-22 13:00:00)

That is indeed the best part of the prospect. You were at least able to manage and greatly improve the speed of the system. Anyways thanks a lot for the share. Keep sharing the latest updates through this site.

Comment by craig (not verified) (2010-05-09 23:19:00)

Very glad to see that you’re so actively working on Kate and KDevelop. I’m a KDE user, and it’s always irked me that Kate couldn’t really stand toe-to-toe with Gedit. One of the big factors for me is how good Gedit’s snippets plugin is. KDevelop’s snippets seems to have taken a big step in the right direction, and I’m hoping to see Kate follow suit. Once Kate has ability to build format-specific snippet repositories like in Gedit and KDevelop, and the ability to assign keyboard shortcuts to snippets like Gedit, I can hopefully switch back to Kate as my primary editor :)

In short, keep up the great work!

Comment by Michael (not verified) (2010-02-21 12:03:00)

This is great that you’re working on Kate’s speed. I use it for all of my coding, except for large SQL files and now javascript code that has been run through a utility that compresses all the whitespace out of it, making it one long line. Kate absolutely crawls when opening such a file, especially if the resulting javascript is a 156K-long one-liner, like you get compressing TinyMCE’s code. I’ll try to send you the file I’m using and see what you think.

Comment by Milian Wolff (2010-02-21 14:31:00)

That needs to be fixed in Qt, I reported a bug there:

Comment by Eike Hein (not verified) (2010-02-17 20:25:00)

Hi Milian, please have a look at this case:

Comment by Milian Wolff (2010-02-18 01:47:00)

It’s fast for me, what kind of highlighting do you use? What GPU? Here I’m using a laptop with an onboard intel…

Published on February 18, 2010.