Kate linter plugin

Just a quicky: I wrote a little plugin for KTextEditor which supplies you with basic error checking when you save documents. Currently only PHP (via php -l) and JavaScript (via JavaScript Lint) are supported.




Get the sources for the linter plugin from KDE SVN and compile it, using e.g. the functions supplied via the .bashrc mentioned above:

     # go to your development folder
    # checkout sources
    svn co svn://
    cd kte_linter
    # build base linter plugin
    cd linter
    # build php linter plugin
    cd ../phplinter
    # build javascript linter plugin
    cd ../jslinter
    # update sycoca
    # start editor and select the plugins - happy coding!


If you know good linters drop me a note. But it would be even better if you could write your own linter plugin. It’s pretty easy, take a look at one of the existing plugins for a skeleton & documentation.

Happy coding!


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Comment by David Anderson (not verified) (2012-10-22 13:26:00)


Just what I was looking for, if I could get it to work…

1) If I start up a session with PHP documents open, then it shows an error “exitCode 0, exitStatus 1” for every PHP document (whether it has errors or not)

2) It correctly detects whether a file has an error or not, but the window it opens to show the error is always empty. (i.e. If the file is good, then nothing happens upon saving - but if the file is bad then it throws up a window which has nothing inside it).

This is with KDE 4.8.5 on Fedora 16.

Comment by Medifast (not verified) (2009-09-28 15:19:00)

That is very cool!