Kate Highlighting for QML, JavaScript

Hey everyone!

I’ve started my internship at KDAB this week, it’s great fun so far! Though I spent most of my time this week on Bertjans KDevelop plugin, I couldn’t resist on a bit of Kate hacking:

steveire is experimenting with QML so I couldn’t stop but notice that there is no highlighting for it in Kate. Well, there was none ;-) Now you get pretty colors, rejoice!

Note: Since QML is basically JSON with some added sugar, I reused the existing JavaScript highlighter and improved it. Hence you get imrpoved JSON and member highlighting in plain.js as well. Enjoy!


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Comment by Kyle (not verified) (2014-04-17 23:17:00)

Hey where can I find this Kate QML plugin you speak of. It would help me out a lot. Thanks.

Published on April 17, 2014.