Highlighted Backtraces on BKO

Hello everyone, the “I can syntax highlight everything” guy speaking again :)

Yeah, I couldn’t sleep well after I put colors on Dr Konqi. I also did the same for Kate, if you did not notice it. There is a new GDB Backtrace syntax highlighting file for it, giving you the same pleasant experience you are now used to from Dr Konqi. Awesome.

But well, lets admit it: What use are these two for bug triaging? Visit any crash report on bko and you are left to plain old black-on-white… Stone-age stuff, lets put it on LSD, shall we not? I propose: The GDB Backtrace highlighter GreaseMonkey userscript!

highlighted GDB backtrace on BKO
Download User Script (Requires GreaseMonkey 0.8 or higher)

Bug reports, feedback, pizza & beer all welcome :)

PS: How is GreaseMonkey for Konqueror coming along, anyone working on that? Does someone know whether Chrome or Opera could be made to work with this?

PPS: We could also install this script directly on BKO, but I fear it might be a tad bit slow, esp. for huge backtraces.

PPPS: Attached backtraces should be setup to be opened in Kate :)


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Comment by Daniel Axelrod (not verified) (2011-05-03 20:03:00)

Hi! This userscript is absolutely excellent! It’s amazing how much more info you can get out of a backtrace at a glance when it’s properly syntax highlighted.

I would love to adapt the gdbbt Chili recipe to use in another project.

Would you be willing to release either the userscript or the recipe under a FOSS license? Alternatively, if it is already licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (I wasn’t sure if it counted as a “Code Snippet”), would you mind fixing your blog’s link to the license? The current link to returns a 404, and I don’t see an Attribution 4.0 license on the CC site anywhere.

Thank you so much!

Comment by Milian Wolff (2011-05-06 13:55:00)

Fixed the CC link - strange, I am sure it once worked… Anyways I’ve also updated the user script and put it under GPL 3.

Feel free to use it anywhere.


Comment by NamShub (not verified) (2010-09-26 01:34:00)

I’ve written an incomplete userscript (greasemonkey) plugin for Konqueror about 2 years ago…


I tried running it again but couldnt get it to install, but it should be really easy to fix and make it work with your script (would just have to add in the INCLUDES facility…)

Comment by George Kiagiadakis (not verified) (2010-09-21 23:33:00)

If it is just javascript, can’t you just embed it in the html that bugzilla sends and let the client run it? I don’t see how it could make bko slower.

Comment by Milian Wolff (2010-09-22 04:21:00)

Running javascript (at least up until now, in future you can use WebWorkers) hogs up the UI thread of the browser if it’s slow. And highlighting text, esp. imagine lots of long backtraces in a single bug, would be slow enough to make the browser noticeably slow for a short time. That’s why I’m reluctant. But I’d like to add it in a customizable way (i.e a user setting) to bugzilla, lets see whether I manage to get around doing it eventually.

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) (2010-09-21 14:27:00)

i tried installing it in chrome, but it had no effect. it is marked as installed and all, but i don’t see any hightlight.

Comment by moltonel (not verified) (2010-09-21 00:26:00)

Nice :) But I agree with anonymous : BKO is the correct place to implement this. A greasemonkey script is just too much bother, and even with a big fat “install me” link on the BKO website, 95% of users won’t install the thing. Also, outputing colorized html directly is arguably cleaner than colorizing via javascript.

Comment by Aaron Seigo (not verified) (2010-09-20 23:15:00)

can’t download the script from the link, i’m getting: “You don’t have permission to access /~milianw/bko_highlighter.user.js on this server.”

Comment by Milian Wolff (2010-09-21 11:39:00)

doh, fixed face palm

Comment by afiestas (not verified) (2010-09-20 21:51:00)

I love you highlighting man :D

Comment by Anonymous (not verified) (2010-09-20 21:13:00)

Build it into BKO directly, make it optional, only enable when the user requests it. Or make it a per-user setting.

I agree: Awesome.

Comment by xpete (not verified) (2010-09-20 20:57:00)

Opera supports this since long ago…

you can get some examples here: