Final days of Quanta GSOC 2010

Hey everyone,

as the pencils down for this years GSOC is approaching I thought it’s time to write another blog entry to notify the world about my current status.

These past weeks (boy, the time flies…) I’ve mostly spent on hardcore KDevplatform internals. Especially getting multiple languages in a single document working was not easy. I knew it would be the most time consuming and most demanding aspect during these three months, but also by far the most important. I’m confident to say now: I’m nearly there. All projects we put into the KDevelop repository have now a multilang branch in their team clones. And if you look at e.g. the KDevplatform multilang branch or the Quanta multilang branch you hopefully agree that I didn’t slack off too much. I just wasted some time to find the right approach, often by implementing one just to find out it was not practicable.

Thanks (once again) to the help of David Nolden I’m now on the right track. Finally :)

When you use the multilang branches (note: you’ll have to use them everywhere as they contain binary incompatible changes to the master branches), you should already get proper DUChain integration for CSS inside HTMLs <style> tags, which is what I used for testing purposes. I’ve just pushed the required changes to get code completion work properly as well.

This is all still in a quite rough stage and needs lots more work but it proves that I’m getting there. Once this is done I can continue to polish the CSS and XML language plugins, as well as finally writing a “preview HTML” plugin, as this was probably the most requested plugin from back then.

Looking at my tentative timeline for GSOC, I’m afraid to say that I didn’t get to do all of it. But I’m quite proud of what I achieved and hope you all agree that my time was well spent on Quanta. I won’t stop working on it probably after GSOC, quite the contrary. I still hope to release at least some alphas this fall and maybe get it into beta state in winter. What about a Quanta 4.0 release in spring 2011? Who knows :)



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Comment by mutlu (not verified) (2010-08-04 19:06:00)

This sounds great. I followed your blogging efforts and multi-language support did indeed seem like a huge task. Great to hear you are getting there.

Thanks for all your efforts and keep it up! So many people will praise you once Quanta 4.0 runs. :)

Comment by uetsah (not verified) (2010-08-04 10:47:00)

What’s the status of the core XHTML/XML and HTML/SGML support? Did you manage to get it into a usable state, or is this one of the things that will have to wait until after GSoC?

Anyways, thanks for your work!

Comment by Milian Wolff (2010-08-04 11:33:00)

You currently get code completion based on DTD or XSD, as well as basic DUChain navigation and integration.

It’s certainly useable already, but it needs more polishing imo.

Published on August 04, 2010.