End of an Era

Hey all,

last week, I handed in my Master’s thesis. I was studying Physics for about 7.5 years now. I started using KDE 3.5.x while still in school and in my first student job as a web developer. At university, I taught myself C++ while working as a sysadmin at the faculty, in order to contribute to Kate, Quanta and KDevelop. I quickly discovered that Physics wasn’t so much my thing but the German education system doesn’t make it easy to switch fields. Thus, I endured and continued. And I kept coding though, mostly in my spare time, but also while working part-time for KDAB. Now, all these years later, I’m one of the official maintainers of KDevelop, and also contribute to KF5, esp. KTextEditor regularly. I created tools such as Massif-Visualizer and heaptrack. I became a Qt approver and maintainer of the Qt WebChannel module. And, starting from May this year, I’ll finally be working full-time for KDAB. Oh, how things have changed! Just compare Plasma 5.2 today to the KDE 4.0 alpha 1 or whatever it was that I tried in 2007 - a difference of night and day!

Thanks KDE, for heavily contributing to who I am today! Numerous people within the community have taught me so much about so many things. Without you all, I might still be programming websites in PHP or sitting in a lab… I’m so grateful this is not the case!

Starting this friday I’ll be gone on a long vacation to Ecuador and Columbia. I’ll try to sieve through my email when I come back on the 10th of April. I’m super excited to see what will happen to me, but also to all my favorite software projects during this time!

Cheers, see you soon :)


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Comment by Anonymous (2015-02-08 19:48:00)

Congratulations from Frank (another physicist who works on KDE software occasionally). Enjoy your vacation!

Comment by Anonymous (2015-02-08 18:31:00)

Have fun dude. And don’t get lost :) — kfunk

Comment by Anonymous (2015-02-05 11:04:00)

Glückwunsch! And thank you for all the work, I am a heavy Kate user and your post is enough for me to give KDevelop another try. Have good vacations.

Comment by Anonymous (2015-02-05 10:11:00)

Congrats! :) — Lydia

Comment by Anonymous (2015-02-05 09:32:00)

way to go man, keep kicking some ass! -some user

Comment by Anonymous (2015-02-05 02:49:00)

Hey! Congratulations man!! Have fun on your trip and come back with lots of energy! It’s been great having shared a tiny part of that era! :D

  • Guy from Barcelona
Comment by Anonymous (2015-02-04 23:10:00)

Congratulations! A silent user would like to say a big thank you for kdevelop/kate. It’s amazing! Enjoy your vacation.

Comment by Anonymous (2015-02-04 22:38:00)

Awesome! I am really happy for you! Enjoy your well-deserved vacation :)

Comment by Anonymous (2015-02-04 22:10:00)

Great to hear you finish your studies as well (I myself will do my first exam for my Master tomorrow and the last oral exam on the middle of March). Enjoy the time in South America and we expect you back! And thanks for all your great work in KDE, of course! Best regards Mario

Comment by Anonymous (2015-02-04 21:02:00)

I stumbled on your blog completely by accident. I just wanted to say, I think it is cool that you have been working on this for such a long time. Congratulations on making it to the next step in your career!

  • Guy from Chicago