About being a Nerd

A quick meta-blog about nothing directly KDE related, but I think those of you who can understand German should see it nonetheless. Hope you don’t mind me spreading it on the planet:

I just stumbled upon a great video about the definition of “being a nerd”. You can watch it here: (note: it’s in German!)

I have to say that I can identify myself with the message of the video, very nicely done. Must see for anyone! I’ll spread it in my circle of friends so they understand me better when I talk (proudly) about being a geek.


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Comment by Anonymous (not verified) (2009-04-08 15:15:00)

Some Nerd get English subtitles for that thing! My German is rather basic but what I understood was quite interesting!

Comment by k3ks (not verified) (2009-04-08 10:01:00)

I’ve already seen it. Cool video! I like elektrischer reporter in general. Nice to see you spreading it!

Comment by Merlin (not verified) (2009-04-08 09:39:00)

Thanks for pointing me to that video. I really enjoyed watching it!

Comment by zenwalker (not verified) (2009-04-08 05:44:00)

Better add English subtitle to that video and spread across.

Published on April 08, 2009.