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» Massif-Visualizer 0.4 and KGraphViewer 2.2 Released!

Mon, 11/17/2014 - 17:53

Hello all!

I’m happy to (finally!) announce the release of the latest stable versions of Massif-Visualizer and KGraphViewer:

Both versions come filled with bug fixes, cleanups and performance improvements. Everyone is urged to update!

Cheers and many thanks to all contributors.

» Massif-Visualizer 0.4 Beta 1 and KGraphViewer 2.2 Beta 1 Released!

Wed, 06/25/2014 - 13:44

Hey all,

I’m happy to announce the availability of two new betas: Massif-Visualizer 0.4 Beta 1 and KGraphViewer 2.2 Beta 1!


If you want to test this release, you can download the tarballs from the KDE mirrors:

Download Massif-Visualizer 0.4 Beta 1

  1. md5 sum: 2953089078bd2170ad9d2d583c7c8b95 massif-visualizer-0.3.90.tar.xz
  2. sha1 sum: 6d76134b1b41b887ba595a0585f941d22e066b76 massif-visualizer-0.3.90.tar.xz
  3. sha256 sum: 9940fa90137ca5eef08b9ec220825fadbf03db423a670a2c7fe3edab271d9922 massif-visualizer-0.3.90.tar.xz

Download KGraphViewer 2.2 Beta 1

  1. md5 sum: b3a18cbaf661d1cf186b3a3674c31186 kgraphviewer-2.1.90.tar.xz
  2. sha1 sum: 4f0cb86f01eb9725191a79291cbd75061682ca69 kgraphviewer-2.1.90.tar.xz
  3. sha256 sum: 1ae74c1a51e252e88afb7a3d7864fc1bc6326c191ad36c89cc7fab7e8a96f08f kgraphviewer-2.1.90.tar.xz
Notably Changes

These beta releases come packed with a lot of important changes. KGraphViewer finally supports newer GraphViz packages and includes many performance optimizations and other bug fixes. Massif-Visualizer saw a lot of code cleanup and a few visual changes, which make it possible to open multiple files at once in the same window.

Thanks go out to all contributors, who made this release possible!

Massif-Visualizer Changelog
  • Milian Wolff: Centralize version handling and set version to 0.3.90 for beta release
  • Milian Wolff: Replace empty string literals with explicit empty string/byte array.
  • Milian Wolff: Cleanup the cmake code around our internal helper libs a bit.
  • Milian Wolff: Cleanup, use .at(0) instead of first() as that is guaranteed to never detach.
  • Milian Wolff: Optimize: force the use of the const overload of QVector::first.
  • Milian Wolff: Constify the data pointers where possible.
  • Yuri Chornoivan: Fix typo
  • Arnold Dumas: Don’t enable ‘reload’ action when no document has been loaded.
  • Burlen Loring: Implement logic to save current document as an image.
  • Burlen Loring: Add logic to control legend position and font size.
  • Milian Wolff: Don’t assert when kgraphviewer part is not available at runtime.
  • Milian Wolff: Update detailed graph view when changing selection in the tree view.
  • Arnold Dumas: Keep the displayed toolbar up to date with the current tab. REVIEW: 117752
  • Milian Wolff: Add myself as an author as well and fixup bugs address to direct to our mailing list.
  • Arnold Dumas: Add myself in the about dialog. While at it, update my e-mail.
  • Arnold Dumas: Remove broken useless connection.
  • Arnold Dumas: Support loading kgraphviewer via KPluginFactory. REVIEW: 117375 BUG: 332833
  • Arnold Dumas: Update my e-mail address.
  • Milian Wolff: Require cmake 2.8.9 as minimum version.
  • Milian Wolff: Require KDE 4.7.0 as minimum for KMessageWidget
  • Milian Wolff: improve backwards compatibility by using non-forward include for KMessageWidget.
  • Arnold Dumas: Fix spelling mistakes reported by Krazy2.
  • Arnold Dumas: More coherence when navigating through different documents. REVIEW: 114404
  • Arnold Dumas: Fix crash when changing the stack number value with an invalid document loaded.
  • Arnold Dumas: Disable printing when the document hasn’t be properly loaded.
  • Milian Wolff: Hide callgraph toolbar if we don’t show the callgraph currently.
  • Milian Wolff: Cleanup includes, use forward declarations in header.
  • Milian Wolff: Don’t use modal dialog to show parse errors.
  • Milian Wolff: Properly restore current index after file reload.
  • Milian Wolff: Disable stop parser only when no parsers are running.
  • Milian Wolff: Make helper functions static for file-local linkage.
  • Milian Wolff: Don’t access parseWorker API after deleteLater call.
  • Milian Wolff: Cleanup UI if we do not have KGraphViewer available.
  • Milian Wolff: Fixup issues after recent move to MDI.
  • Milian Wolff: Make compile when one has an outdated kgraphviewer available.
  • Arnold Dumas: Implementation of multiple document interface. REVIEW: 113523
  • Arnold Dumas: Remove unused or unnecessary includes. REVIEW: 113489
  • Arnold Dumas: Delete the print preview dialog just after it has been closed. REVIEW: 113288
  • Arnold Dumas: Add myself in the AUTHORS file.
  • Arnold Dumas: Add a preview dialog before printing. REVIEW: 113130
  • Arnold Dumas: Fix one more warning.
  • Arnold Dumas: Fix crash when toggling “Shorten templates” action without any proper massif document loaded. REVIEW: 113122
  • Arnold Dumas: Fix five warnings. REVIEW: 113106
  • David Faure: Fix compilation with -DQT_STRICT_ITERATORS
  • Milian Wolff: ups, add missing hunk, fixes compilation
  • Milian Wolff: Make it possible to print the massif data.
  • Milian Wolff: Use full horizontal space in chart
  • Milian Wolff: Minor cleanups
  • Milian Wolff: Kill QList usage with fire.
  • Milian Wolff: Refactor threaded parsing, use long lived worker pattern.
  • Milian Wolff: Fix double deletion in hideFunction.
  • Milian Wolff: Properly parse labels for functions, locations, addresses
  • Milian Wolff: add missing test data
  • Milian Wolff: add stack-profile test data
  • Milian Wolff: Support massif memory stack profiles.
  • Milian Wolff: Increase compatibility with older Qt versions.
  • Milian Wolff: show memory in kilobytes instead of bytes
  • Milian Wolff: remove top and left axes, instead increase font size of right and bottom axes
  • Milian Wolff: just show peak cost, without ‘Peak of …’ prefix
  • Milian Wolff: set monospace font on legend, left-align text
  • Yuri Chornoivan: Fix typo: remove->remote
  • Milian Wolff: fix crash when loading multiple files in parallel
  • Milian Wolff: optimize: .value() instead of .contains & operator[]
  • Milian Wolff: cleanup
  • Milian Wolff: optimize: leverage implitic QByteArray sharing to further reduce memory consumption
  • Milian Wolff: use something better for the fast-route tree filtering label
  • Milian Wolff: use contains check for custom allocators
  • Milian Wolff: optimize: filter for data tree model
  • Milian Wolff: properly show some progress values in the progress bar
  • Milian Wolff: actually make it possible to stop a parser run
  • Milian Wolff: load & parse massif files in a background thread
  • Milian Wolff: properly initialize to prevent crash in new dtor code
  • Milian Wolff: fix/workaround some memleaks in kdchart
  • Milian Wolff: fix memleak in tester
  • Milian Wolff: optimize: drastically reduce memory footprint by using QByteArray instead of QString
  • Milian Wolff: optimize: when we don’t have custom allocators, no need to find the function in the label
  • Milian Wolff: add simple debug utility to run massif parser on random files
  • Milian Wolff: move util.{h,cpp} to massifdata
  • Milian Wolff: optimize: use QHash instead of QMap if sort-order is not required
  • Milian Wolff: use quint64 for bytesizes to support memory > 4GB
  • Milian Wolff: properly calculate color based on accumulated max cost
  • Milian Wolff: kgraphviewer is optional
  • Milian Wolff: Relicense to GPL/LGPL v2.1 or 3 or anything later approved by KDE e.V.
  • Milian Wolff: add README/man page
  • Aurélien Gâteau: Link statically the kdchart lib
  • Aurélien Gâteau: Do not install internal static libs
  • Aurélien Gâteau: Remove need for an X server to run datamodeltest
  • Milian Wolff: merge below-threshold nodes
  • Milian Wolff: remove obsolete call
  • Milian Wolff: close file on shutdown to fix memleaks
  • Milian Wolff: make root item white, color is useless there
  • Milian Wolff: fix memleaks in unit test
  • Milian Wolff: properly find highest-cost node in callgraph node based on accumulated cost
  • Milian Wolff: merge tails of callgraph tree before generating the dot file
  • Michael Jansen: Qt 4.8: Resolve ambiguous overload (QVariant, QBrush)
  • Milian Wolff: set version to 0.4
KGraphViewer Changelog
  • Milian Wolff: Restructure and centralize the version handling.
  • Gael de Chalendar: Avoid a crash when using recent files list
  • Gael de Chalendar: Removed unused slotLoadLibrary
  • Gael de Chalendar: Remove unused member
  • Reimar Döffinger: Add horrible hack to work around reload issue.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Merge declaration and initialization.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Ensure m_g is initialized even if fopen fails.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Revert “Do not crash anymore on reload”
  • Gael de Chalendar: Make recent files list to be filled again
  • Gael de Chalendar: Do not crash anymore on reload
  • Gael de Chalendar: Handle a graphviz error
  • Milian Wolff: Optimize: Cache string keys used for attribute lookup.
  • Milian Wolff: Optimize: Do manual painter restoration.
  • Milian Wolff: Optimize: Disable semi-expensive debug output generation.
  • Milian Wolff: Remove useless debug output which gets emitted a lot.
  • Yuri Chornoivan: Expand: algo -> algorithm
  • Matthias Klumpp: Add AppStream metadata
  • Gael de Chalendar: Add xdot 1.2, graphviz 2.13 Support image operator I
  • Gael de Chalendar: Add support for xdot 1.5, graphviz 2.34 new ‘t’ operator
  • David Faure: Port from queryExit to closeEvent, so queryExit can be deprecated
  • Reimar Döffinger: Remove dependency on Qt3Support.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Bump version number for the many recent changes.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Make code find the chain.png and chain-broken.png.
  • Reimar Döffinger: printing: Add hack to fix some strange random behaviour.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Remove unused variable.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Prefer using QPainter::boundingRect to get text size.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Printing: fix size calculations without date/time.
  • Reimar Döffinger: printing: get rid of pointless intermediate QImages.
  • Reimar Döffinger: printing: remove pointless duplicated setFont calls.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Printing: replace smoothScale() by scaled()
  • Reimar Döffinger: Print preview window: remove pointless customization.
  • Reimar Döffinger: simpleprintingengine.cpp: Simplify, do not rely on dynamic_cast.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Move QPaintDevice pointer out of class.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Remove unused function.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Change include order to match KDE recommendations.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Handle failure to load a file without crashing.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Support old graphviz via patch for the moment.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Update kcfg files to reference schema instead of DTD.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Fix placement of TRANS:ROLES_OF_TRANSLATORS
  • Reimar Döffinger: Spelling fixes in comments.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Change my email address to one I can still access.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Replace some Qt classes with KDE alternatives.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Avoid QString::null and use QString().
  • Reimar Döffinger: Fix some issues with threading.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Fix memory leak and make data structure const.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Fix file descriptor leak.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Simplify code to delete maps and also free all subgraphs.
  • Reimar Döffinger: kgrapheditor: Use only public API of our KPart.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Fix gvContext leaks.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Do not clear canvas on update.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Switch kgrapheditor to use the KPart.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Slightly simplify plugin load error handling.
  • Reimar Döffinger: kgrapheditor: Make it possible to have an active graph.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Add some debug prints.
  • Reimar Döffinger: kgrapheditor: Fix signal and slot signatures.
  • Reimar Döffinger: kgrapheditor: Make quit menu entry work.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Fix loading files in kgrapheditor.
  • Yuri Chornoivan: Fix typo
  • Reimar Döffinger: Normalize most signal/slot signatures.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Make 1-argument constructors explicit.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Follow recommendation to use QPointer for modal dialogs.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Show correct layout algorithm also for undirected graphs.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Update Changelog, short summary of major recent changes.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Fix code to enfore minimum size of zoom rectangle.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Fix incorrect clamps.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Minor code simplification for zoom rectangle adjustment.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Fixes for layout selection.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Set checkable to true.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Prefer KAction over QAction where appropriate.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Try to fix print setup page by removing fixed pixel positions.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Use empty string instead of single space for custom layout placeholder.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Reformat remaining three .ui files for consistency.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Make settings dialogs auto-layout themselves properly.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Convert .ui files to proper XML/newer format.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Allow proper auto-scaling of appearence preferences.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Remove spacer on top.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Use a simple QLabel instead of QTextEdit.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Remove broken code that messed up position when zooming.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Simplify scrollwheel scrolling code.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Fix keyboard navigation.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Simplify code handling detail level, avoid duplicating code.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Also allow zooming with Control + mouse wheel.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Use correct flag type for argument.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Add extra parenthesis to avoid compiler warning.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Remove unused variable.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Add explicit protected destructor.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Avoid some deprecated functions in page setup code.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Port to KPluginFactory.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Print error if opening the file failed.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Support newer graphviz cgraph library.
  • Reimar Döffinger: Fix parser to accept both int and floating-point in more places.
  • Burkhard Lück: fix typo BUG:331041
  • David Faure: Port away from deprecated QList::remove().
  • Pino Toscano: Remove erroneous double-quotes around %c in Exec line
  • Pino Toscano: cmake: remove obsolete stuff
  • Pino Toscano: cmake: simplify the various target_link_libraries
  • Luigi Toscano: docs: fix id attribute ( element)
  • Gaël de Chalendar: Corrects bug report #278010 : soversion for kgraphviewerlib was wrong.
  • Gaël de Chalendar: Add the necessary cmake_minimum_required version.
  • T.C. Hollingsworth: docs: restore <(book|article)info>
  • T.C. Hollingsworth: docs: add id attribute to and
  • Michael Palimaka: Fix build with boost-1.50
  • Jekyll Wu: Fix warnings about wrong base class when opened with Qt Designer
  • Jekyll Wu: Fix missing icons in kgrapheditor
  • Jekyll Wu: Remove the deprecated “Encoding” key
  • Friedrich W. H. Kossebau: Fix kde3 icon name “filequickprint” to “document-print-preview”, seen via lxr
  • Jekyll Wu: Update the name entries in .desktop files
  • Milian Wolff: remove some (but not all) legacy QT3 calls
  • Milian Wolff: properly init m_renderOperationsRevision in default-ctor
  • David Faure: Remove nonsensical call to KGlobal::dirs()->addPrefix(), found via lxr.
  • Milian Wolff: An attribute ID is not allowed for subgraph. But graph in subgraph can have it’s own ID.
  • Milian Wolff: remove obsolete call to setBackgroundMode
  • Milian Wolff: optimize: reuse QPainterPath code from paint method in CanvasEdge
  • Milian Wolff: optimize: cache slow QFontMetrics calculations over paint events
  • Gaël de Chalendar: Add the possibility to export to svg and other pixmap formats
  • Milian Wolff: optimize: interpolate fontwidth and save calls to slow QFontMetrics::width
  • Montel Laurent: Fix forward declaration
  • Montel Laurent: cmakelint
  • Kevin Funk: Fix CMake for non-default graphviz location
  • Gael.deChalendar: - default background color set to white; - default background changed is immediatly taken into account
  • Gael.deChalendar: Correct default background color (change from black to light gray)
  • Pino Toscano: i18n fixes

» Massif Visualizer 0.1 released

Tue, 11/02/2010 - 19:06

Good news everyone!

Since Gaël finally came around to release KGraphViewer 2.1, I can go ahead and do the same for Massif Visualizer!

Download Massif Visualizer 0.1

This is the first release and I would be very happy if more users gave me their feedback. I intend to move to soon in order to leverage the KDE infrastructure (mostly translations, bug tracker, releases)… This also means: There are no translations yet! I also intend to update my OBS repository to provide packages for the first release.

Stay tuned for updates.