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» Why can I not clone myself yet?

Sun, 01/30/2011 - 01:54

Saturday night and I’m not going out. What the hell is wrong with me — you (and I) ask?

Sad truth is: I’m swamped with work currently. Today I sat down and finished the last protocol of a university lab course, so at least that is done for now.

Bachelor Thesis

I’m not a slacker (even though I’d like to be one!) so I also recently started working on my Bachelor thesis. I’m doing something on EPR simulations, esp. pulse EPR with “big” molecules. It’s actually pretty interesting and I already learned tons of stuff. Most notably I could finally try out Eigen. It’s as good as I imagined, and probably even better ;-) My mentor at the university, who used BLAS up to now, is amazed by the readability of code you write. It is often nearly a one-to-one mapping of a mathematical formula to code. Since I personally never learned the BLAS interface, and find it’s API hideous, I’m very pleased to be able to use Eigen from the start. Thanks to Gael and Benoit (and the others) for writing it. Since I like living on the edge, I use Eigen 3 already and - to give something back - started to update the benchmarks for them.

Anyways, back to my thesis. If anyone is interested in the code and would like to give feedback, you can find it here:

I really enjoy to get to know yet another different world in programming. As you might know, I started as a web developer back then. Server backend PHP programming is totally different from user interface JavaScript programming is totally different from Desktop application programming using Qt/KDE/C++… And now there is computational science… So far I never had to care about rounding errors in code I write. Nor did I estimate memory consumptions in dozens of GigaBytes or thought about how many hours my app would need to crunch the numbers on hundreds of CPU cores. It really is quite an experience.

I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

So, between two days working for KDAB (which I greatly enjoy) to earn some money, and three days of - interesting - thesis reasearch, and the usual real life, where is the time for KDevelop? It’s diminished, I have to admit. Today I finally got around to at least get the release announcement for KDevelop 4.2 finished and handed it to the Dot editors. But other than the occasional commit reviewing or bug triaging, I did not do much these past weeks.

This makes my really sad, as I’m passionate about KDevelop. One more reason to look forward to FOSDEM 2011, as I’ll do a lightening talk on KDevelop this time. And of course I hope to get some first grade hacking time in Brussels :) Oh this reminds me, I should get my talk prepared until tomorrow - hm :)

Anyways, I bet I’m not the only one who would like to clone himself to get more finished. Sadly it’s not possible yet (and the waiting list for people-to-be-cloned in KDE is quite long, and dominated by names like David Faure and Dario Andres anyways ;-) ). So take my ramblings with a grain of salt :)

» FOSDEM 2010 - Day 1

Sat, 02/06/2010 - 19:05

Hey everyone!

Just a quick blurb about my first day at FOSDEM so far:

The City of Brussels

All I have to say about the things I saw this morning is simply: Wow. What a city. I really like it’s … /”style”/?! Magnificent old buildings, no dull corners, everything is a bit organic, grown together. I really like it. When I drove with the bus to the University today I really got thinking: What could Berlin have looked like if not these sons of b*****s messed up our history… Oh well - off to better thoughts…

The KDevelop talk by Aleix

Yeah, I think Aleix really nailed this one! Imo it was really well done and the audience also received it well. I really liked how he first talked about some parts that are so good in KDevelop (“we know everything” ;-)) and then - BOOM - he showed it off :) There were some interesting questions from the audience as well, probably most notably something along the lines of:

Eclipse has 300+ developers working on it - how do you manage to create something faster and better (for C++)

He, I think the work of the past years starts to pay of finally! Kudos to all the other developers who worked on it.

Another one asked me, whether there are any payed developers, or any kind of financial support at all. Well the answer is sadly: No, none at all… But imagine what we could do with KDevelop, if some of the core developers could get paid for working on it! Ah, wishful dreaming so far…

FOSDEM generally

It’s cool I think, pretty crowded with actually interested people. I mean sure, there is the odd guy requesting instant bug fixing (come on people: if you have a hand written list of bugs you want to see fixed, why wait for something like FOSDEM to get told that you have to report it to anyways?…). But there are also people you just stop by and tell you: Amarok is awesome! I really like KDE! KDevelop is amazing!

PS: What really amazes me as well is how many people are buying T-Shirts! I alone, while looking after the booth, sold like 10+ of the Amarok shirts. And - imo - only real fans do that, no? Really appreciate the users who show their support that way.

PPS: Lets just hope that our accommodation works out: Seems like people are already leaving tomorrow, not on Monday like I thought. And the hotel thought we would arrive yesterday… Yeah - I missed the beer event :’( Something I definitely have to improve next year!