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  • » html2text.php 1.1

    Sun, 07/23/2006 - 03:03

    Update: Use Markdownify, it’s the successor to html2text.

    I changed my html2text.php function and it now supports non markdownable elements better. Previously something like <p class="foobar">...</p> would have resulted in <p>...</p>. Now these elements (which could be ported to markdown) will be left in plain html.

    Additionally I made some changes which should lead to an improved performance.

  • » launch of

    Sat, 07/15/2006 - 23:31

    Okay, now I finally set up this little blog. In case you wonder what I’ll be writing about, it’s all about the web: Web development in general and (X)HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SEO etc. in particular. Of course any other geek topics wont be neglected ;-) , science and technology especially.

    What else is left to say? Well, comments will follow soon. And I think I’ll move the 3co website to this server (I have to admit that Sourceforge’s web server are pretty slow and you have to configure a lot).

    So - take a look at my two projects 3co and html2text and keep an eye on this site. More features are about to be revealed.