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Fri, 12/17/2010 - 22:49

Hey all,

I’m happy to announce the immediate availability of KDevelop 4.2 Beta 1. This is a testing version and any kind of feedback would be welcome and appreciated. Please use our bugtracker. You can download the sources or wait for your distribution to create packages.

Note: Anyone who runs KDE 4.6 or later needs this version (or any later). This is because the SmartRange interface in Kate got nuked and replaced with MovingRange interface. Many thanks to David Nolden for more or less single handedly porting KDevelop to this new architecture.

The good news doesn’t end here though, KDevelop 4.2 ships with lots of notable changes and new features:

  • MovingRange` support (Thanks to David Nolden)
  • Grep Plugin rewrite with replace functionality (Thanks to Silvere Lestang, Julien Desgats, Benjamin Port)
  • QtHelp plugin now supports arbitrary .qch files (Thanks to Benjamin Port)
  • ManPage plugin (Thanks to Benjamin Port, Yannick Motta)
  • new look for code assistants (Thanks to Olivier JG)
  • filter for the project model view (Thanks to Eugene Agafonov)
  • improved “Problems” toolview, along with “TODO/FIXME” browsing (Thanks to Dmitry Risenberg)
  • better standards compliance in the C++ macro implementation (Thanks to Dmitry Risenberg)
  • argument dependent lookup for the C++ plugin (Thanks to Ciprian Ciubotariu)
  • open with external application by default (esp. useful for Qt Designer .ui files)
  • PHP: rainbow colors for all vars (and no nested functions or similar), esp. useful for scripts without Classes/Functions
  • code cleanup for working sets
  • better handling of locked sessions (locked session gets activated or the user gets asked whether he wants to remove the lock file)
  • improved Snippets editing usability

Along with these big changes, lots of small improvements have been made and we will continue to polish and harden out this branch in order to give you a stable, fast KDevelop 4.2 soon. Considering the impact and amount of changes, testing would be very welcome in order to prevent regressions and similar in the final 4.2 version.

Bye and thanks again to all contributors who made this possible. I’m especially thrilled to welcome so many new people, well done!


Sorry, I haven’t found 4.2 Fri, 03/04/2011 - 09:49 — Yury (not verified)

Sorry, I haven’t found 4.2 beta on mirrors, all I have seen was 4.1.80 version. Are these sources what I need to compile to get 4.2 beta ? Thanks for great work! Waiting for release! :)

What’s the status of the Mon, 01/24/2011 - 01:09 — Fuse (not verified)

What’s the status of the plugins for programming languages other than C, C++ and PHP?

Python is being worked on. Mon, 01/24/2011 - 03:08 — Milian Wolff

Python is being worked on. Css, XML are somewhat working but I don’t have any time for them right now. Anything else is unfinshed, abandoned, unmaintained sadly…

Hi. I work a lot with Sun, 02/06/2011 - 04:19 — Phorious (not verified)

Hi. I work a lot with FORTRAN, using/changing/patching the code from where I study/work. I’ve been able to load small custom makefiles with KDevelop, and build the selections (since myself specified which compiler to use) and I think I can run the work if I specify the executable. I’m not a programer at all (I mean, I only understand FORTRAN and nothing else), but is there any way to help?

I think you meant beta Sat, 12/18/2010 - 00:38 — Kishore (not verified)

I think you meant beta 1! Thanks for the great work! :)

Title says beta 2: i think Sat, 12/18/2010 - 00:35 — Diego (not verified)

Title says beta 2: i think it’s beta 1, right?

right thanks, fixed. Sat, 12/18/2010 - 04:34 — Milian Wolff

right thanks, fixed.

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