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Wed, 01/26/2011 - 22:41

Hey all!

I wanted to quickly notify you all about the availability of KDevelop 4.2.0 final, you can download it here: . Most people should be fine with waiting for updated packages from their distributor though.

This is a feature release with lots of shiny improvements and fixes. And - which is why I announce it now - it is required for users of the new KDE 4.6. So if you happen to use that, make sure you update to KDevelop 4.2 as well. Stay tuned for a full blown release announcement on the Dot soon. If you are interested in the changes now, take a look at this, this, and that. Thanks to all contributors who made this release possible, especially I would like to emphasize the contributions by new people - welcome!

Changes since KDevelop 4.2.0 RC1
  1. ChangeLog for kdevplatform v1.2.0
  2. =================================
  4. * Milian Wolff: set version to 1.2.0 in preparation of release
  5. * Milian Wolff: remove warning that is triggered whenever the cleanup asserts for a proper removal
  6. * Adam Pigg: Save the status of the 'Use lower case filenames' checkbox for next time. Defaults to ticked as before.
  7. * Aleix Pol: Rehash every time, we can change the repository between calls, so it has to be calculated every time.
  8. * Aleix Pol: Don't display all commits in the OutputView. Makes the process considerably faster
  9. * Milian Wolff: don't add infinite number of rows of output, instead limit to 50k lines and only keep the most recent ones
  10. * David Nolden: Make sure that working sets are unique to the patch-review area before changing them.
  11. * David Nolden: Only try creating one parse-job at a time. If more parse-jobs need to be created, queue an event to re-try.
  12. * David Nolden: Delete the view _after_ emitting "viewRemoved(..)". This fixes a possible crash.
  13. * David Nolden: Also use the cache if the cached list is "empty", it means that no mimetype could be determined.
  1. ChangeLog for kdevelop v4.2.0
  2. =============================
  4. * Milian Wolff: set version to 4.2.0 and look for kdevplatform 1.2.0 in preparation of release
  5. * David Nolden: Fix a very rare crash
  6. * David Nolden: Fix code-completion within incomplete function-macros, like "Q_ASSERT("
  7. * David nolden: Properly skip hexadecimal numbers in pp_skip_number.
  8. * Aleix Pol: Applied Valentyn Pavliuchenko patch to fix GLOB_RECURSIVE behaviour.
  1. ChangeLog for php v1.2.0
  2. ========================
  4. * Milian Wolff: set version to 1.2.0 and look for same versioned kdevplatform in preparation of release
  5. * Milian Wolff: fix test logic
  6. * Milian Wolff: only take encountered declarations into account when checking for redeclarations
  7. * Milian Wolff: don't report use for same range as declaration of parent-namespace, happens with nested namespaces, fixes test
  8. * Milian Wolff: properly pass topducontext to update along
  9. * Milian Wolff: force updated range when encountering variable declaration
  10. * Milian Wolff: prevent explicitlyGlobal import identifiers for namespace alias declaration, fixes assert
  11. * Milian Wolff: prevent crash when visiting encapsed variables in class context

Sorry for not having a proper Dot announcement on time, I hope to do better for the next release…


Hi Milian. Thanks for your Wed, 04/06/2011 - 18:57 — SpikyJT (not verified)

Hi Milian. Thanks for your amazing dedication to Kdevelop. I know that it must be really tough being a KDE developer these days. I’ve been a KDE user for many years now. Like many others, I really miss Quanta+ and I’m looking to get into contributing code to OSS projects. Can you give me some advice on getting started?

start writing little Qt toy Fri, 04/08/2011 - 21:55 — Milian Wolff

start writing little Qt toy applications (follow the tutorial). then try to find a pet project and get started :)

Glad to see a new release. To Thu, 01/27/2011 - 13:43 — Roland (not verified)

Glad to see a new release. To bad though that every new release needs the latest KDE version. I am on debian. Even the unstable branch only has KDevelop 4.0.1. Seems that I need to wait for years to see KDevelop 4.2 on debian :(

You can at least update to Thu, 01/27/2011 - 20:34 — Milian Wolff

You can at least update to KDevelop 4.1.x by compiling it from hand. That version did not increase our KDE dependency and works just fine on Debian. For 4.2 we had no other choice due to the Kate internal changes.


Hi, Does this version have a Thu, 01/27/2011 - 12:25 — Rolando Martins (not verified)

Hi, Does this version have a better support for c++ templates? Up until now, virtual functions that are overridden in sub-classes (i.e. sub-templates) aren’t recognized.

I don’t know, did you report Thu, 01/27/2011 - 13:04 — Milian Wolff

I don’t know, did you report a bug for this - are we aware of this issue? is the place for this. Don’t forget to add a code snippet that shows this error.

Sorry, about being lazy (I Thu, 01/27/2011 - 09:24 — dominik (not verified)

Sorry, about being lazy (I did I quick unsuccessful google search): What is the progress of porting Quanta+ to the new KDevelop infrastructure. Can we expect some alpha/beta/… releases in the near future?

I’m swamped with work (will Thu, 01/27/2011 - 13:05 — Milian Wolff

I’m swamped with work (will blog about that soon), so sadly - nothing in the near future :( I really need help with Quanta, more contributors etc. pp….

Thanks for sharing another Thu, 01/27/2011 - 01:46 — Anonymous (not verified)

Thanks for sharing another KDevelop release.


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